Van Ostran Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
New York, American Bible Society, 1830. Similar to Hills
#708, except that mine has "3d edition" on reverse of title
page, and the NT title page has only "Chap: 12 mo.]" without
the "Minion, Cont:" reported by Hills. [Minion cc. 12mo.

ABS Bible 1830 Title Page

This Bible is in poor condition; it has literally been worn out.
It was owned and primarily used by Julia Van Ostran, and
I assume it was she that dogeared so many pages, and
inserted all the ephemera. The binding is intact and it appears
that all the pages are present, even the endpapers, but many
pages are loose.

Van Ostran Bible Ephemera

Isaac and Julia Van Ostran are found in the Seneca, Ontario
County, New York 1860 federal census with one child,
Joseph Rivers, age 11, living with them. He was born in New
Jersey and she was born in New York according to that

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Small Printed Card]

Front of card is printed:
1858. SEPT.
J.S. COOLEY, Treas.

Reverse in handwriting:
John Thatcher
Left for New York City
Monday Nov. 8th 1838

[Page One -- Front End Paper]

Van Ostran Bible Page 1

Julia A Van nostran

Julia A. Van ??
Seneca Castle New York
J?? 10th 1858

Julia Ann Vannostran

Julia A Van Ostran
Nov 20 1862

Julia Ann Vanostrans
Book Seneca March the 10 1837

[Page Two -- Blank Page, Middle of Bible, entries very light]

Van Ostran Bible Page Two

Sister Catherine Died M?? 6th 1852

Father Thatcher Died April 8th 1862

[Page Three -- Reverse of Page Two]

Van Ostran Bible Page Three

Julianna Vanostran, Book

Sister Elizabeth Waas Died August the 6 1852 aged 21
aged 21 years and 2 months

Father Thatcher Died April the 8 1862 Aged 69 years
and 21 days

Mother Thatcher Died december the 15 1863 aged 66
years 11 months and 15 days

[Page Four -- Opposite of Page Three]

Van Ostran Bible Page Four

My Husband
Isaac Vanostran Died March 1st 1868 Aged 52 years

[Page Five -- Rear Flyleaf]

Van Ostran Bible Page Five

I sigh
O land of rest for the
when wil the moment come
when I shal lay my armor by
and dwell with Christe
at home

[Page Six]

Van Ostran Bible Page Six

This is
Julia Van ostrand

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------