Walcutt Bible

This Bible was submitted by Larry Walcutt (lwalcutt@msn.com)

Belonged to Robert Walcutt (1797-1877) and Susanah Legg (1800-1857). It was
given to Larry Evan Walcutt (1938-) around 1955 by Susie (Walcutt) Mohr
(1873)?), Robert's granddaughter.

The information listed in this Bible is taken verbatim. No attempt has been made
to correct misspelled words or to add or delete any punctuation. In listing dates
such as 26th - the th underlined with ditto " marks under the line. The page
numbers and items numbers were added by me for readability. Information



Following 'End of Apocrypha' page 109

(1) William Walcutt and Anna Gooden were married March 2 A.D. 1786, in Fairfax Co. Virginia by the Rev. Joh Moore.
(2) Robert Walcutt and Susannah Legg were married in Heighland Co Ohio by the Rev Mr Heewey, (not sure of the spelling) Aug 30, 1818.

Page 2 MARRIAGES - Is blank.

Page 3 BIRTHS -
(1) William Walcutt was borne March 21st 1761 in Talbot Co Maryland.
(2) Anna Gooden, whos maiden name was Anna Macy, was borne May 12th 1757 in Fairfax Co Virginia.
(3) Jacob Walcutt was borne November 28th 1788 in Loudon Co Virginia.

Page 4 BIRTHS -
(1) James Walcutt was borne Feb 2and 1791 in Loudon, Co.Virginia.
(2) John Macy Walcutt was borne Nov. 2and 1794 in Loudon Co Virginia.
(3) Robert Walcutt was borne July 25th 1797, in Loudon Co Virginia.

Page 5 BIRTHS -
(1) Elizabeth Walcutt was borne March 2nd 1799 in Loudon Co Virginia.
(2) Susannah, wife of Robert Walcutt, was borne Sept 18th 1800 in Loudon Co, Virginia.
(3) Anna Walcutt was borne Feb 7th 1822.
(4) Tabitha Walcutt was borne Sept 13th 1823
(5) Jacob Walcutt was borne Jan 1st 1826.

Page 6 BIRTHS -
(1) Lafayette Walcutt was borne Jan 7th 1828
(2) James Walcutt was borne June 11th 1830
(3) Mary & Margaret Walcutt were borne May16th 1832
(4) Joh Walcutt was borne May 25 1834.
(5) Absalom Walcutt, was borne Nov 8th 1836
(6) Louisa Walcutt, was borne Oct 22and 1837
(7) Amelia Walcutt was borne Apr 24th 1839
(8) Robert Walcutt, Jun was borne Oct 29th 1840
(9) William Walcutt Jun was borne Apr 20th 1842.

Page 7 DEATHS -
(1) William Walcutt Sen departed this life June 24th 1823
(2) Elizabeth Walcutt departed this life Nov 26th 1825 in Licking Co Ohio.
(3) Susanna wife of Robert Walcutt Sen departed this life at one o'clock a.m. Apr 30th 1857, aged 56 years 7 months and 12 days.

Page 8 DEATHS - Left blank

Page 437 is dog eared. The page begins with Proverbs VI, 15 and ends
with Proverbs VIII, 10.