Walker Bible

These pages were removed from the Bible, and therefore
the exact type and date is unknown. I guess early 19th
century due to the rag paper, design and type style. The
font and design, although not the border, is the same as the
very early 19th-century Mathew Carey Bibles.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Matilda Walker was married to Gardner Mercy Sun,
in March 1821

William Walker was married to Rachel Stevens in February

Mary Walker was married to Sebastian Cabot in December
1825 and in October 1834 she was married to Fostor

Harriet Walker was married to Jeremy T. Miller In April
28, 1833

Caroline Walker was married to Wells G. Hadley May 6th

[Page Two -- Births]

Matilda Walker was born in the year 1798 Feb 13th

William Walker was born in the year 1800 April 7th

Mary Walker was born in the year 1805 Feb 19th

Jacob C. Walker was born in the year 1809 June 30th

Harriet Walker was born in the year 1812 Feb 24th

Frances C. Walker was born in the year 1814 Dec. 19th

[Page Three -- Births and Deaths]

Albert W. Miller was born in the year 1834 March 15

Elvira [??] Miller was born in the year 1836 February 21

Frances C. Miller was born in the year 1839 October 13

James Azro Miller was born April 27 1843

Lucian Clarence Miller was born 1848 Oct 21

Hattie Miller Odreo [??] born in Flushing April 4th 1853

Harriet W. Miller died in Flushing Genesee Co Mich.
April 10 1853

Albert Miller died in Flushing Genessee Co Michigan
July 29th 1858

Lucian C. Miller died in Flushing Oct 13 1859

James Azro Miller died while in the defense of his country
near Jackson Miss. July 20 1863

Dr. J.J. Miller died in South Bay City March 27 1880
[corrected from 1879]

Caroline Francis Merrill Died May 11 1882 in South
Bay City Mich.

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Jacob C. Walker Died in Dec 1811 aged 2 years and
six months

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