Wallace Bible

This is the information contained in the WALLACE Family Bible. The Bible was purchased by the hired hand, Ben Ringler on the farm & at the livery stable in Austin, Nevada & presented to my great-grandmother, Ida May Jewett Wallace in 1884. It is currently in the posession of Barbara Webster of Ukiah Ca.

It is a revised version of A.D. 1881 with aprocypha & psalms published in 1884 by A. J.Holman & Co. 1222 Arch St., Philadelphia PA.

The original Wallace family lived in Michigan, Austin, Nevada, Petaluma, California & Oakland Ca.



On the title page is this:

This certifies that John Mason Wallace and Ida May Jewett were united by me, in Holy Matrimony at Owosso, Michigan on the fifteenth day of February in the year of our Lord 1873. In Presence of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Evans [Sarah Abigail Wallace, sister of John] Signed C. E. Hulburt

In Petaluma, Sonoma Co. California, Mar 31, 1909 Leon L. Wallace to Elizabeth Lewis.
In Petaluma, California June 14, 1930 Leona Grace Wallace to Ralph Irving Millet
In Oakland, California Nov. 9, 1947 Leon L. Wallace to Mrs. Dorothy Barber (nee Rodd) by Rev. Clarence Reidenbach of the First Congregational Church.
In San Francisco, California Leona G. Millet to John Suden June 24, 1951
In Zepher Cove, Nevada May 9, 1953 Barbara Jean Millet to Glen Norman Kingwell
In Petaluma, California July 10, 1955 Donald Alan Millet to Frances Marian Webber
In Petaluma, California April 3, 1960 Barbara Jean Millet Kingwell to Charles Wallace Webster
In Ramstein, Germany Nov 19, 1964 Myrna Marlene Millet to Richard Sterling Hurst

In Linden, Washtenaw Co. Michigan Mar 18, 1846 John Mason Wallace
In Caledonia Township, near Corunna, Shiawassee Co., Michigan May 8, 1856 Ida May Jewett Wallace
In West Haven Township, Shiawassee Co., March 26, 1874 Leon Lawrence Wallace
In Austin, Lander Co., Nevada, March ,1 1879 Maude Maria Wallace
In Austin, Lander Co., Nevada Jewett John Wallace Mar. 22, 1883
In Austin, Lander Co., Nevada Ray Claude Wallace, Arp 8, 1890
In Petaluma,[Sonoma Co.] California to Leon L. Wallace and wife Feb. 11, 1910, a son, Charles Lewis Wallace.
In Petaluma, [Somoma Co.]California to Leon L. Wallace and wife Sept. 4, 1911, a daughter, Leona Grace Wallace.
Children of Ralph Irving Millet and Leona G. Wallace Millet
Kenneth Ralph born in Petaluma Oct 26, 1931
Barbara Jean born in Santa Rosa [Sonoma Co.] Oct 31, 1933
Donald Allan born in Santa Rosa Feb. 1, 1935
Myrna Marlene born in Petaluma June 21, 1939
Children of Charles Wallace Webster and Barbara J. Millet Webster
Elizabeth Ann born in Ukiah [Mendocino Co.,California] July 17, 1961
Wendy Sue born in Ukiah [Mendocino Co., California] Dec 24, 1963
Children of Donald Alan Millet & Frances Webber Millet
Peter Alan born in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa Co., California 5 July 1965
Jennifer Lyn born in Hayward, Alameda Co., California 31 July 1967
David Brian born in Freemont, Alameda Co., California 22 May 1969

In Austin,[Lander Co.] Nevada Feb. 17, 1889 Jewett John Wallace
In Austin, Nevada May 9, 1894 Ray Claude Wallace
In Oakland, [Alameda Co.], California Aug 25, 1925 John Mason Wallace
In Oakland, [Alameda Co.,] California June 6, 1931 Ida May Wallace
In Petaluma [Sonoma Co.], California Aug 2, 1961 Leona Lawrence Wallace
In Oakland, California Feb. 2, 1968 Maude M. Wallace
In Sacramento,[Sacramento Co.], Calif. Ralph Irving Millet Nov. 9, 1943
In Morongo Valley San Bernardino Co., California Charles Lewis Wallace 11 Aug. 1990
In Petaluma, Ca. Elizabeth Lewis Wallace 28 Nov. 1953
In Walnut Creek, Contra Costa Co., Ca. Peter Alan Millet 5 Jul 1965
In Petaluma, Ca. John Adam Suden 4 Sep 1987
In Graham, Pierce Co., WA Richard Sterling Hurst 22 Sep 1993
In Ukiah, Mendocino Co., CA. Leona Grace Wallace Millet Suden 16 Jul 2003