Wass Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the
Pennsylvania Genealogical
, Volume 7, Number 1, Page 42, March 1918.

The preface to a group of Bible records, including this one, reads:

To the flotsam and jetsam of book sales and the old bookstand, which,
some fifteen or more years ago, occupied the southeast corner of Second
and Walnut Streets, came the Bibles from which the following records
were copied. Whither these Bibles were carried on the tide waters of chance
will, collectively, never be known, but the entries therein, herewith
preserved as memorials to the human trinity, father, mother and child, may
be of future value to those genealogically inclined.



Joseph Wass born 7 April, 1777.
Elizabeth Snyder died 8 December, 1823.
Joseph Wass and Elizabeth Snuder married 27 June, 1805.
Joseph Wass and Ana Newell married 15 May, 1824.
Julia Wass, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born 12 March, 1806.
Elizabeth Wass, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born 17 March, 1808.
Catharine Wass, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born 27 September, 1810.
Christiana Wass, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born 5 March, 1814.
Margaret Wass, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born 13 December, 1816.
Caroline Wass, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born 28 December, 1820.
Died 18 March, 1820. [sic TSC]
Caroline Wass, born 2 May, 1822. Died 30 June, 1826.

Catharine Snyder, Mother of Elizabeth Wass, born 1761.

Christiana, sister of Elizabeth Wass married Thomas Abercrombie. He was
born 9 February, 1780. Died 3 August, 1816.

Theresa, sister of Elizabeth Wass, born 29 June, 1781. She married Henry
Garson who was born 10 October, 1776. He died in Philadelphia
17 August, 1824. They had those children
Charles Garson, born 7 October, 1801.
Gustavus Garson, born 17 October, 1803. Died 7 February, 1808.
Thomas Michael Garson, born 29 May, 1806.
Andrew Ferdinand Garson, born 5 September, 1808.
Lewis Henry Garson, born 12 May, 1811.
Theresa Catharine Garson, born 31 March, 1813.
Rebecca Elizabeth Garson, born 1 March, 1816.

Mary Snyder daughter of Ignatius and Catharine born 30 November, 1796.
John Wass, married Edith Eler, 7 April, 1804.
Julia Wass, married Frederick Eberly, June, 1823.

John Wass, brother of Joseph Wass, was born 17 November, 1781.
His children were:
Joseph Wass born 13 February, 1805
Henry Wass born 21 February, 1807 and died 16 January, 1814
John Wass died 2 January, 1809.