Weed Bible



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Ann Crumpton.

Coded by Gwen Oliver

Surnames in this record:

I recently found in a flea market in Jackson, MS an old Bible. I did not purchase it, but I was allowed to copy information from it to put on the Internet in hopes of locating interested family members. Here is part of the records in it.

Holy Bible New York American Bible Society

1855 "Angeline Weed" [in gold lettering on front and inside it says] "from Mother".

Mrs. Angeline Weed, daug. of Benjamin GILBERT, an unsuccessful shoemaker, now has 2 factories, one in Georgetown, Conn. and one in Blue Island, LL.

Granddaughter of Nathaniel Gilbert, Rev. War Hero of Conn.

Angeline, married Isaac Weed in 1839, removed to Yonkers in 1841.

[Note: in another place the marriage date was 16 Sept. 1840]

Isaac Weed, born 17 Dec. 1818, d. 6 March 1863.

Angeline Weed, b. 13 Sept. 1818 in Wilton, Conn., d. 17 Dec. 1907.

Eveline Weed, b. Nov. 4, 1841-2.

Isabel Weed, b. May 9, 1844.

[Other names listed]:

Henry R. Hicks, d. 15 Dec. 1915, 81 years.

Charles Hicks, d. May 29, 1866, 69 years.

Henry R. Hicks, Dec. 14, 1825 (?).

Norman P. Henderson - "I am the only one left of the Weeds"

Edwine Gilbert wife of Edwin Gilbert of Georgetown, Conn.

Elizabeth Jones Gilbert.

Ed Gilbert, 84 years.

Benjamin Gilbert Weed, son of Fredrick Weed & Priscilla HART Weed.

Julia Weed WARING, widow of Chase E. WARING, died at home of her son, Hall B. WARING at Bedford Hills (Monday). Born in NY City, 82 years of age, daug. of Frederick Weed & Pricilla Hart Weed. Married Chase WARING, 7 Nov.1849, had 4 sons, 3 living in 1899.

[There is other information, 2 pictures (no names) and an envelope of obituaries in the Bible. If you are interested please E-mail me at the address above and I will give you the name and phone number of the person who has the Bible. He had a price of $125 on it. The Bible was well preserved.

One interesting note: Part of one page of records had been very neatly cut out!! I hope I can help put this beatiful Bible back with the family it once belonged to Ann Crumpton.

Tracy's Note: This excerpt was submitted several years ago. The possibility of it still being found are significantly lower.]