Wellman Bible



Submitted April 25 1994 by
Anna Joan (Barton) Buxton
925 Esquimalt Road, # 406
Victoria, BC
V9A 3M7

The location of the Bible is not known.
This transcript is taken from photocopies made for me by
my father's first cousin Mrs. Lois (Roy C.) Brown of
R.R.#5, Campbellford, Ontario in 1977.

Sarah Jane BARTON, born ca 1822, the first born child of
Gilbert BARTON and his wife Phoebe DELONG, married David
WELLMAN, also born ca 1822. Sarah and David are buried in
the Barton Cemetery, 9th line Rawdon Township, Hastings
County, Ontario but no markers exist and their dates of
death are not known. Their residence was concession 10,
lot 20, Rawdon Township and they had also spent 6 years in
Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Their seven known children:
Phoebe Ann, Gilbert Barton, Angelina, Norman, Arnold,
David, Amanda.

Surnames in this transcript:
McMullen (this branch is also know as McMillan)
Vilneff (also known as Willneff )

All comments made by this transcriber of the photocopies
are in square brackets [ ]

--=First Page


Alice BROWN Feb 26th 1845
Barton WELLMAN May 20th 1848
Philip Brown WELLMAN July 2nd 1869
Addie Adeline WELLMAN May 9th 1872
Zora Zelinka WELLMAN Sept 23rd 1874
Edmund Barton WELLMAN Sept 11th 1877
Margaret Madilla WELLMAN Sept 15th 1880
Ethel Alvina WELLMAN Apr 9th 1883
David Abram WELLMAN Sept 17th 1886
Mabel M. McMULLEN Oct 7th 1900
Hersey McMULLEN Nov 26th 1901
Ethel Evelyn
[Evelyn McMULLEN] July 7th 1903
Philip Edmund
[McMULLEN] Oct 7th 1904
Virna [McMULLEN] Dec 7th 1906
Dorcas L. NIXON Sept 20th 1904
Hazle [Hazel] NIXON Feb 20th 1907
David WELLMAN Dec 27 1907
George NIXON June 14th 1910
Charlie WELLMAN Mar 27 1912
Morely NIXON Dec [15] 1912
Clarence WELLMAN April 8th 1909
Lois Vale NIXON May 3 1922
Ralph WELLMAN Mar 1 1920
Fae [Faye] WELLMAN Aug 14 1935
-----? Chas. Wellman & Betty Hewitt
[this notation indicates that Faye Wellman was d/o
Charles and his first wife Betty Hewitt. The first
word of the note is not legible]

[in the margins]
Raymond Nelson WELLMAN Jan 22 1944
Linda Carroll WELLMAN Oct 25 1949
David Nelson WELLMAN Nov 8 1953

--=Second Page

[these entries are all BIRTHS except for last two
entries which are DEATHS. They are repeats of the
First Page of BIRTHS, entered here in a different
hand and spellings]

[in top margin]
Jennie GIFFORD WELLMAN Mar 31 1888

Alice Moira WELLMAN February 26 1845
G.B. WELLMAN May 20 1848
Philop B. WELLMAN July 2 1869
Adie WELLMAN B. May 9 1872
Zora WELLMAN Sept 23 1874
Edmond Barton WELLMAN September 11 1877
Magge WELLMAN Born Sept 15 1880
Alice Ethle WELLMAN April 9 1883
David Abram WELLMAN B. November 1886
[the date is not the same as in First Page, BIRTHS]

David A. WELLMAN died Jan 15 1942 age 55, 1 month, 29 days
David WELLMAN, son of David A. WELLMAN killed when his truck
upset on Oct 10 1950 near Havelock, age 42 years.
[see Fourth Page, DEATHS, for this entry]

--=Third Page


Zora Zelinka WELLMAN, married 1899

Margaret Madila WELLMAN, married 1902

Barton [WELLMAN] & Alice [BROWN], April 28 1868

Edmund [WELLMAN], June 26 1912 to Myrtle GIFFORD

David [WELLMAN], Mar 13 1907 to Jennie GIFFORD

Charlie WELLMAN, Mar 10 1934 to Betty HEWITT (divorced)

Dorcas NIXON & Rufus REDDEN, May 24 1935

Clarence WELLMAN & Phyllis MILES, April 24 1940

Ralph WELLMAN & ?Olwyn? Betty KEW, Apr 3 1941

Fay WELLMAM & David S. HENDERSON, Nov 17 1956

Linda Carol WELLMAN & David George BALL, July 9 1966

Charlie WELLMAN & Lillian Marjorie VILNEFF, March 29 1973

David Ernest WELLMAN & Constance Maureen BELL, Jun 1 1974

Raymond Nelson WELLMAN & Denise Leonie Marie? DESROSIERS,
Aug 23 1976. Divorced 1978.

Raymond Nelson WELLMAN & Doris Elizabeth MISCH, May 24 1980

--=Fourth Page


Philip Brown WELLMAN died Jan 14th 1875

Addie Aldeline WELLMAN Feb 23rd 1875

Ethel Alvina WELLMAN Mar 20th 1886

Baby NIXON [in margin, born -- Sept 2 or 22?
[died] Sept 25th 1903

[scratched out,
Edmond Barton December 14 died aged 35 1912 December
[second line,
Edmon B. WELLMAN aged 35 Dec 14 1912
[third line,
Edmon WELLMAN died De 14 1912 ---

Alice WELLMAN Nov 20 1922

Gilbert B. WELLMAN Jan 4th 1936

David Abram WELLMAN Jan 15 1942

Margaret M. WELLMAN NIXON Dec 24th 1945
---[ink stain, prob. Myrtle] Warner GIFFORD July 2 1947

David WELLMAN Jr. Oct 10th 1950, killed in truck
Hong Kong prisoner of war from 1941 - 1945.

[accident near Havelock, Belmont Twp. Peterborough County,

Jennie Loretta GIFFORD WELLMAN Dec 7th 1964
Belleville Hospital.