West Bible

This Bible was transcribed from Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. XI, No. 3, September 1916, pp. 278-281.

The comments made by the writer are more timely today than when they were written almost 90 years ago. Families are more dispersed today and are farther from their ancestors' homes.



Below is transcribed as printed, with slight formatting changes. The original was well-typeset, with superscripts and other subtleties that are lost in my transcript.

Please keep in mind that the "property of" comments refer to 1916.

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Hidden away between the covers of old family Bibles, belonging to descendants of ancient and distinguished families of Colonial Maryland and Virginia, are found many interesting records. Crumbling with age and fast disappearing through the lapse of time, as families move hither and thither, sometimes far from the homes of their ancestors, these old records should be systematically preserved through the cooperation of all those who are really of one common family by reason of ties of kindred and consanguinity.

It is hoped that a concerted movement may be inaugerated to preserve in a permanent and accessible form these valuable records, so precious to their possessors.

In a "Cambridge" Bible, printed by John Hayes, "printer to the University," in the year 1680, the following entries were found. On a page of this bible, and inscribed in large characters, is this entry: "Catherine West -- her bible given her by Her Mother-- Borne the 6th day of May, 1677." It was written so long ago that the ink has almost eaten through the page.

This valuable book is the property of Mrs. Tabitha Joynes Hance, of Baltimore, whose niece, Miss Helen Goodwyn Joynes, kindly permitted the contributor to transcribe the entries which are given hereunder.


Lt. Col. John West departed this Life the 27th day of May Anno Dom. 1703.
Mrs. Matild. West departed this Life the 3d day of Jany. Anno Dom. 1721.


John Snead was born 7th Jany. 1707:
Thos Snead was born 21st Decemr 1708:

Sons to Chs Snead.

Charles Snead and Catharine was married the 7th Day of January Anno Dom. 1711.
Huldah Snead was borne ye first day of March Ano. Dom. 1712/13 & was Christianed ye 15th of ye same.
Huldah Snead departed this Life ye 30th day of Aprill Anno Dom. 1713.
Charles Snead was borne ye 26th of August Anno Dom. 1714.
Charles Snead departed this Life Feby. ye 18th 1720.
John Snead was borne ye 3d day of Feby. Anno Dom. 1715 & Christianed March ye 18th.
Smith Snead was borne Jany. ye 13th, 1718.
Charles Snead ye second was borne ye 13th day of November 1723.
Charles Snead ye second departed this Life Feby. ye 23d 1724.
Capt. Charles Snead the Elder departed this Life April the 30th 1727.
Catharine Snead departed this Life February the 19th 1750.


Children of Mr. John Snead, Accomac:

Charles Snead was Bornd the 26th day of December Anno Dom. 1741.
John Snead was Bornd the 10th day of March Anno Dom. 1743.
John Snead departed this Life March ye 23rd Anno Dom. 1777.
Anne Snead was Bornd 1st day of Sept. Anno Dom. 1746.
Mary Snead was Bornd ye 25th day of December Anno Dom. 1749.
Thomas Snead was Bornd ye 28th day of November Anno Dom. 1752.
Catherine Snead was Bornd ye 25th day of July Anno Dom. 1756.
Scarborough Snead was Bornd ye 23rd day of November Anno Dom. 1758.
Tully Snead was Bornd ye 10th day of July on Sunday evening Anno Dom. 1763.
Mrs. Catherine Snead departed this Life the 19th of February Anno Dom. 1750.
John Snead departed this Life the 15th day of Sept. Anno Dom. 1780.
Scarborough Snead departed this Life the 7th day of December Anno Dom. 1780.
Thomas Snead son of John departed this Life March the 20th Anno Dom. 1787.


Children to Jno. Wise:

John Wise was born 8th March 1745.
Solomon Wise was born 6th June 1748.
William Wise was born 16th Novr 1750.
Eliza Wise was born 11th Septmr 1754.
Henry Wise was born 6th Feby. 1756.
Charles Wise was born 19th June 1759.
Peggy Wise was born 11th Novr 1761.
Geo. Wise was born 8th Octor 1765.
Nancy Wise was born 17th March 1769.
Peggy Wise, mother to the aforesd children was bornd 5th day of Septem. 1726.
Nancy S. Wise, daughter of Solo Wise & Mary his wife departed this Life March 10th 1806.
Solo. Wise departed this Life the 25th Jany. 1820.


Trefania Wise was born the 11th day of April Anno 1777.
John Wise was born the 5th day of September 1780: departed this Life the 12 of October.
Peggy Wise was born July the 6th day 1786.
Nancy Selmon Wise was born July 13th 1789.
Polly Wise was born Febry the 18th 1783.
Margaret Wise departed this Life 30th November 1781.
John Wise departed this Life 8th December 1781.


John Sparrow was born December ye 17th 1706 about 3 o'clock in ye afternonon [sic] on a Wednesday.
Elizabeth Sparrow was borne September ye 12th 1708 about 5 o'clock in ye afternoon on a Sunday.

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