Wilmarth Bible

This family record was found with many notes, obituaries and
another Bible record on the Wilmarth family.

It is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire and was
transcribed by Tara Hawkins.

It is written on an old sheet of rag paper that may have once been
bound in a book or Bible. It was folded, and may have been
used as proof of age and marriage for war service pensions.
It is signed by Asa Wilmarth and written in his own hand,



Y 83..9 Y..78..2..12 days
The names of the children of Asa Wilmarth
and Clove his wife I wase born April 27th day old
stiel AD 1746 Died Feb. 8th AD 1830 [another hand added the "died" statement]
and my wife was born August 10th day AD 1751
and was married September 20th AD 1770 Died Oct 22 AD 1829
Huldah Wilmarth was Born October ye 30 AD 1771
Abel Wilmarth was Born January ye 23 AD 1774
Asa Wilmarth was Born May ye 18 AD 1776
Thomas Wilmarth was Born September 6:1778
and Died in March ye 13 Day AD 1781
Clove Wilmarth was Born May ye 20 AD 1781
Ira Wilmarth was Born September ye 5 AD 1783
Amos Wilmarth was born June 26------AD 1786
One Dafter Born March ye 18 AD 1790 and died the next day
Gorge Wilmarth was Born January ye 19 Day AD 1792
Dolla Wilmarth was Born November ye 27 Day AD 1794
Asa Wilmarth