Wolfe Bible


WOLF/WOLFE Family Bible

Transcribed from original Bible on September 8, 1996, by

George D. Williams,
current holder of WOLF/WOLFE Bible.

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James Wolf and Louisiana Frances was married Nov 30th 1826

Sara J.L. Wolfe was married to William W. Fraincis July 3rd day 1845

James M Wolfe and Elizabeth J. Hagood was married Feb 17, 1856

Sarah E Fraincis was married to B. F. Mackey 7-22-1869

B.F. Mackey was married to Julia Ann Harwell January 6, 1877

James N Mackey was married to Carrie C. Janes in Jackson, Tenn. May 28,1896

Clotie D. Mackey the adopted daughter of J.N. Mackey and Carrie C. Mackey was married to Eddie McGuire in Jonesboro Ark Dec 18,1920

Clabon Freeman Mackey was married to Margaret Pearl Hutto in Donna, Texas,
June 29,1933

James N. Mackey was married to Mrs Helen Malin in Houston, Texas, June 5,


James Wolf was born December 16, 1807

Louisiana Wolf was born June 11, 1809

Elizabeth F. Wolf was born July 1, 1828

Sarah J. L. F. Wolf was born July 1, 1832

James M. Wolf was born August 22, 1834

William W Francis was born about the year 1831

L. Kate Francis was born Nov 2, 1846

Sarah Elizabeth Francis was born May 2, 1848

Mary J Francis was born May 23, 1853

B.F. Mackey was born Feb 22, 1850

James N. Mackey was born 8-1-1872

Carrie Crawford Janes was born 9-23-1878

Clabon Freeman Mackey was born in Jonesboro Ark Feb 8, 1901

Clotie Davis Mackey was born near Little Rock, Ark on Sept 1 1903 and adopted by JN Mackey and wife March 22, 1908


Elizabeth F Wolfe departed this life the 7th day of August 1828

Sarah J.L. Fraincis departed this life December the 5th day, 1856

Mary J Fraincis departed this life June the 28 day 1859

William W Fraincis departed this life January 24, 1854

Louisiana Wolfe departed this life August the 26th 1872

Sarah E. Mackey departed this life 21st September 1874.

James Wolf departed this life Aug 17, 1885

Wm W Francis died from pneumonia about the year 1866

David Ralph Mackey, first son on JN and Carrie Mackey died in Jonesboro, Ark, March 15, 1899

L. Kate (Francis) Fambrough died in Jonesboro, Ark August 7, 1909

Benj Franklin Mackey died at 724 Jefferson Avenue Jonesboro, Ark., Tuesday Feb 12th, 1918, 12:50 PM

Clotie (Mackey) McGuire died March 16, 1921 at St Barnard's Hospital
Jonesboro, Ark

Wm F Mackey died at Marwell, Ark. Nov 17, 1942