Adair Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Court and Other
Records, Volume Two.
Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1932, pp 187-8.


Below this line, verbatim from source.


(In the possession of Mrs. John Towles, Paris, Ky.).

Richard Adair and Mary Tarr were married in Bourbon County, Kentucky, January 13th, 1811.
James F. Adair was married to Martha J. Turner, June 4th, 1811.
Robert Farris Adair and Sarah Isabella Dodson, married November 13th, 1854.
Mary Ellen Adair and William Porter Ardery, married September 2nd, 1880.

Jame F. Adair was born in New Castle, Delaware, 1786.
Richard Adair was born in Delaware, May 16th, 1788.
Mary Adair, wife of Richard Adair, was born October 10th, 1796.
Robert F. Adair, son of Richard and Mary Adair, was born September 4, 1833 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.
Sarah Isabella Dodson was born June 27th, 1839, in the city of Maysville, Kentucky.

Their children:
Mary Ellen Adair was born on Sunday, the 25th day of November, 1855.
Sarah Belle Adair was born Thursday, May 7th, 1857.
Bertie Haden Adair was born November 10th, 1858.
Henrietta Adair was born October the 28th, 1859.
Bertie T. Adair was born April the 27th, 1861, in Fleming County, Kentucky.
Sallie E. Adair was born August 7th, 1864, in Harrison County, Kentucky.
Florence Belle Adair was born October 27th, 1867, in Harrison County, Kentucky.
Robert D. Adair was born July 19th, 1869.
James Curtis Adair was born September 21st, 1871.

Richard Adair died in Nicholas County, November, 1866.
James F. Adair died in Adams County, Illinois, March 8, 188_.
Bertie Haden Adair, died Sunday, December 12th, 1858, aged 4 weeks and three days.
Sarah Belle Adair died October 17th, 1860, aged 3 years, 5 months and eleven days.
Robert Farris Adair died Saturday, May 4th, 1907.
Ella Adair Ardery died Thursday, January 17th, 1918.
William P. Ardery died October 16th, 1916.
Joseph DeJarnette died January 28th, 1918.
Our darling mother, Belle Dodson Adair, died November 8th, on Tuesday at eleven-fifteen o'clock, 1920.
Nettie Adair DeJarnette died April 25th, at two P. M., 1926.
Florence Adair Hedges died October 18th, Tuesday, five A. M., 1927.