Alles Bible

Die Bibel oder Die Ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und
Neuen Teftaments, New York, ABS, 1882.

ABS German Bible Title Page, 1882

The Bible is in fair condition. The original binding is
there, but the spine badly torn and the front cover is off.
The pages all appear intact and in good condition.

I cannot transcribe all of the entries because they are in
German. Please see the scans to get the entire family
record. And, if you have these skills, please consider
transcribing and/or translating it for the site.

I think this is the John Alles and Phelepeona Alles that are
found in the US 1880 census for Raritan, Hunterdon County,

There is a scrap of a miniature prayerbook? Bible? and some
pressed flowers in this Bible.

Ephemera from Alles Family Bible

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Alles Family Bible Front Flyleaf

To Mrs. Alles
from Mrs. Allen
Christmas 1882

[Page Two -- Last Page of Maleachi, opposite family records.
There is a lot more here. Sorry.]

Alles Family Bible, Malechi

John Alles ? Geboren ...1818 in ...

[Page Three -- Familien-Register Geburten, again, there is a lot in

Alles Family Bible Register

John Alles ... 1818

...Philappina Alles ... 1819

[Page Four -- Familien-Register Geburten, all in English]

Alles Family Bible Register #2

Mary Alles was born November 15th 1844

Eliza Alles was born January 31st 1846

Rachel Ann Alles was born November 5th 1849

John Alles died on the 5 of April and was burried on the 8
of April 1889. Age 71 Years.

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------