Andrew Bible

This record was copied from Genealogical Records From
Old Family Bibles Manuscripts and Letters
, Frank Andrews,
Vineland, New Jersey 1923, p. 5-6.

From a Cottage Bible, Hartford, CT, 1835.


Below this line, verbatim from source, except for
some slight formatting changes and "[sic]" references.




Aaron Cook Andrew &
Marrietta Mix. Plymouth Conn. May 1836
Mary Cowles Alcott, Milan. N.Y. Jan. 18, 1844
Sarah Brigham, New Haven, Conn. Jan. 1, 1859

Lucy Johanna Andrew &
Charles Norton, New Haven, Conn, Jan. 1 1863.

Marrietta Andrew &
John Henry Still, New Haven, Conn. Aug. 13, 1870

Ella Jane Andrew &
George E. Brooks, Vineland, N.J. June 2, 1866.

Charles Andrew Norton &
Kathryn L. Babcock, Hammonton, N.J. Feb. 11, 1908


Aaron Cook Andrew, Woodbridge, Conn. June 18, 1815
Maryetta Mix. Watertown Conn.
Mary Cowles Alcott, Wolcott Conn. Sept. 29, 1821
Sarah Brigham; father Lot Brigham, Stowe, Vt. 1816
Alice Andrew, Bristol, Conn. Oct. 1840.
Maryetta Andrew, Plymouth, Conn. March 5, 1845.
Charles Winfield Andrew, New Haven Conn. July 11, 1847.
Ella Jane Andrew. New Haven, Conn. Sept. 20, 1847.
Esther Sophia Andrew, New Haven, Conn. Apr. 11, 1157 [sic]

Charles Andrew Norton, Southington, Conn, February 27, 1867
Adah May Brooks. New Haven, Conn. June 17, 1869


Marrietta Mix Andrew, Terryville, Conn. Feb. 7, 1843
Mary C. Alcott Andrew, Terryville, Conn. June 14, 1857
Sarah Brigham Andrew, Holly Beach, N.J. Aug. 17, 1900
Aaron Cook Andrew, Vineland, N.J. August 3o, 1908
Lucy Joanna Andrew Norton Centerville, Conn. Nov. 3, 1877
Alice Andrew Bristol, Conn. Nov. 1840
Charles Winfield Andrew, New Haven, Conn. Sept. 30, 1849
Ella Jane Andrew Brooks, New Haven, Conn. Sept. 1872
Esther Sophia Andrew New Haven, Conn. Aug. 11 1857
Charles Norton, Newington, Conn. May 3, 1875
Adah May Brooks, New Haven, Conn. July 10, 1879
John Henry Still, Vineland N.J. Feb. 22, 1912

From "Cottage Bible. Hartford Conn. 1835."

Dr. Aaron C. Andrew came to Vineland soon after the close
of the Civil War. He was formerly a resident of New Haven,