Andrew Bible

This Bible was submitted by Lena Flynn Fuller.

Given to me by my grandmother.
Published by E. Morgan and Co. Cincinnati, Ohio 1848
Families lived in Warren and Clinton County Ohio.
This Bible is in too bad of condition to make copies of the pages.



Page 1
Lenah Urton was Born November the 27th 176? Departed this life January the 28th 1854
John Urton was born December the 1st 1785 Departed this life September the 22nd 1871. Father of Nancy Andrew.
Amanda Jane (Tullis) Andrew Winfield was born April 10, 1860. Husband Lawrence Winfield was born October 23, 1856. Parents of Bessie Jane Winfield Pyle.

Page 2
Parents' Record
Eden Andrew was born March the 1st 1820
Lawrence Winfield October 23, 1856
Samuel Charles Pyle September 7, 1878

Nancy Andrew wife of Eden Andrew was born November the 15th 1821
Amanda Jane Winfield April 10, 1860
Bessie Jane Winfield October 19, 1885

Page 3
Samuel Andrew was born the 14th day of the 12th month of 1783
Delilah Andrew wife of Samuel Andrew was born on the 19th day of the 8th month of 1787
Amanda Jane Adopted daughter of Eden and Nancy Andrew was born April the 10th 1860
[Amanda's birth parents were John Tullis and Elizabeth Smith. Her mother and sister died in childbirth in 1862 and her father gave her to the Andrews and joined the Union Army to die before seeing battle]
Bessie Jane Pyle born October 19, 1885
Samuel Charles Pyle born September 7, 1878
children of the above parents:
Francis Henry Pyle born November 21, 1907
Lloyd Winfield Pyle born June 4, 1910
Lawrence Dale Pyle born August 31, 1912
Doris Jane Pyle born June 3, 1919

Page 4
1. Eden Andrew and Nancy his wife were married on February the 4th day of 1842
2. Lawrence Winfield and Amanda Jane Tullis Andrew were married on December 25, 1878
3. Samuel Charles Pyle and Bessie Jane Winfield were married on December 31, 1906
4. Francis Henry Pyle and Jeanette Brant were married on August 11, 1934
Lawrence D. Pyle and Mary Gowin were married on December 24, 1936
Lloyd Pyle and Mary Cochran were married on December 24, 1939
Doris Pyle and Paul George were married on October 22, 1938

Page 5
James Andrew died June the 10th 1851
Elizabeth Andrew died April the 20th 1883
father and mother of Eden Andrew

John Urton died September the 22nd 1871
Lucy Urton died October the 28th 1826
father and mother of Nancy Andrew

Eden Andrew died April the 24th 1893 aged 73 yrs.

Nancy Andrew wife of Eden Andrew died July the 7th 1897

Grace Marie Suttles, daughter of Bertha and William Suttles, died December 16, 1930.

Piece of paper tucked in Bible

Loren J. January 16, 1881 - August 9, 1881 [Loren J. Winfield son of Amanda & Lawrence Winfield]
Luther September 1, 1883 [Luther Andrew Winfield son of Amanda & Lawrence Winfield]

Chas. Suydom? May 4, 1958

Uncle Billy December 20, 1961 [William T. Suttles]
Aunt Bertha October 10, 1958 [Bertha Elizabeth Winfield]