Arsenault Bible

This is a partial page of a family record pulled from a Bible.
It is the front and back of the Marriages/Births page, but
on complete. It was separated from the Bible and the other
record page that is usually present, so precise dating of the
Bible is impossible. The page was heavily scotch-taped, and
in poor condition. The page was purchased from a dealer in

I assume this family was from Prince Edward Island in Canada.
"Eg. Bay" (probably Egmont Bay), "-merside" (Summerside),
Miscouche, and Wellington are all in that province, and Arsenault
was a well-known name there. The later place names (Ashby,
Sydney Mines, Tracadie) are in Nova Scotia.

The births on the back appear to all be written at the same time
and in the same hand, in my opinion. That would date those entries
to after 1908. The marriages on the front are each in a different
hand, and different from the hand that recorded the births.



[Page One -- Marriages]

Arsenault Family Bible Page One


John Alfred Arsenault Miscouche, PEI
Mary Catherine Poirier united Jany 12th 1892

M. C. Beatrice & John A Steele Boston Mass united in
Marriage on the 25th Nov. 1914.

Beatrice Mary Arsenault (Sydney Mines CB)
John A. Steele Boston Mass united in Marriage on the
24 Day of Nov. 1914

Margaret Mary Arsenault (Sydney Mines CB) +
Edmund --orm-- Tracadie N.S.

[Page Two -- Births]

Arsenault Family Bible Page Two


John Alfred Arsenault (born) Eg. Bay Mar. 7 [1868]
Mary Catherine Arsenault (born) St. Nicholas. Mar. 25 [1870]

J.E. Wilfred Arsenault (born) Wellington October 13 [1892]
Mary A. Beatrice Arsenault (born) Wellington March 15 [1894]
M. D. Mabel Arsenault (Bor- ---merside Nov. 1 [1896]
M. E. Zelma Arsenault (Born) Wellington Dec. 23 [1897]
M. Margaret Arsenault (Born) Wellington Feb. 23 [1900]
Annie Corena Arsenault (Born) Ashby Sydney. July 14 [1901]
Margaret Mary Arsenault (Born) Sydney Mines Dec 25 [1903]
Catherine Frances Arsenault (Born) Syd. Mines Jan. 13. [1906]
Catherine Marion Arsenault (Born) Syd. Mines, June 22 [1908]