Banks Bible

This Bible page was included in the Revolutionary War Pension
application for Nathaniel Banks. It is currently in the possession
of the National Archives. Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant
Application File W14231, Massachusetts.

Although the file says this is for Nathaniel Banks, the script on this
page clearly reads Bangs all the way through. I bet the Banks family
wasn't pleased when this was completed.

The scan isn't that great, provided by NARA.

Transcribed by Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

Family Register
of Mr. Nathaniel & Mrs. Mary Bangs.
Mr. Bangs was born October 6 [?] , 1760
Mrs. Bangs was born March 23, 1763
Were Married January 23, 1783
By the Revd. Josiah Deany of Berry [Derry?]

Two Children, viz. Born Died
Isaac H. Bangs Nov. 23, 1783
A Son Aug. 6, 1785 Aug. 6, 1785

Mrs Bangs Died June 29, 1786

Mr. Bangs was married (by the Revd David Parsons of
Amherst) to Miss Electa Kellog his 2d Wife
Jany 15, 1789. She was born August 6, 1764.

Children's names Born Died
A Daughter March 13, 1790 March 13, 1790
Mary May 12, 1791
Adolphus Sep. 23, 1792
Sarah June 8, 1794
Electa Dec. 6, 1795
Nathaniel Jr July 13, 1797 Nov ? 1821
Joel Aug. 13, 1802

Mary Adams maiden name J. Forbes scrip???

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------