Barnes Family Pages

These Barnes pages were written in and older records
book, so specific age of this is unknown. There are several
families in this book, with many pages removed.

This book was acquired at auction. I have no way of
knowing where this family originated.

This records book is currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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William Barnes - Born June 6th 1819
Joseph N Barnes - " Feb 10th 1821
Catharine Louisa Barnes - April 2d 1823
Maria Theresa Barnes - April 4th 1826
Edwin Roudolph Barnes - July 10th 1827
Mary Adelaide Barnes - May 1st 1829
Theodore Moore Barnes - Oct 13th 1831

Children of Joseph N. and Catharine Barnes

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A. Oakey and Catharine Louisa Hall's children

Cara De la Montangnia Hall Born Oct 1st 1850
Maria Theresa Hall -- Aug 9th 1852
Alice D'Assignie Hall March 9th 1854
Joephine [sic] Barnes Hall Nov 23rd 1855
Louisa Oakey Hall Dec 27, 1857
Agustus Oakey Vanderpoel Hall Sep 29th 18
Herbert Oakey Hall. April 29th 1862

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Children of Edward and Isabella Sutcliffe

Norman Richard Sutcliffe Born June 9th 1818
Anna Emma Sutcliffe -- Feb 23d 1820
Catharine Amelia Sutcliffe - Feb 3d 1822
Isabella Maria Sutcliffe - July 23rd 1824

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Children of James W. and Isabella Poe

Isabel Louisa Poe Born Jan 31st 1851
William VanAntwerp Poe - Jan 22d 1853
Joseph N. Barnes Poe - Apr 16th 1855
Theodore Moore Poe - Apr 13th 1859

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William Barnes died July 10th 1820
Joseph N Barnes -- Apl 4th 1826
Maria Theresa Barnes Morgan - Feb 25th 1855
Agustus Oakey Vanderpoel Hall -
Catharine Barnes - Sept 24th 1865
Joseph N Barnes Feb 22d 1866

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