Barney Bible

This is a small bible I acquired from an antiquarian
bookstore in Massachusetts. It was published in 1816
by E. F. Backus in Albany. It measures about 5" x 7".

It was transcribed by and currently in the possession of
Tracy St. Claire. I am not a relative. 114 Hilltop Lane
Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118.

There are a wide variety of handwritings, so many in fact,
it is difficult to write what is original and what people
subsequently added. There are many entries squeezed in,
accounting for a lot of the dates being out of order.
Many entries look to have faded and been rewritten.

The oldest entry, Jabez Bosworth Barney, was a Captain
in the Revolutionary War. The family resided in Rehoboth,
Bristol County, Massachusetts.


-----------Transcript Starts Here-------------------------

[First Page, Inside Cover]

Charles Barney
East Cxxxxx [illegible]

[Second Page, back of Apocrypha]

Jabez Bosworth Barney the son of Aaron Barney was born Jan 14th

Chloe Barney his wife was born March 2nd 1755

Chloe Barney deseased July 22nd 1818

Jacob Barney the son of Jabez B. Barney was born Friday July 21st

Lois Barney his wife was born Wednesday March 11th 1772

Jabez B. Barney Deseased Aug 4th 1839

Miranday Deseased November 24th 1889

Jacob Barney Deseased November 3rd 1845

Lois Barney Deseased July 7th 1848

Ahira Barney Deseased Oct 6 1854

[Third Page, on blank page before New Testament]

The names and births of the Children of Jacob and Lois
Barney his wife

Ahyra Barney was Born Saturday July 26th 1800

Jacob Barney was born Sunday Feb 14th 1802
He died Oct 31st 1802

James Walker Barney was born Thursday Oct 27th 1803

Miranday Barney was born July Monday 29th 1805

Jacob Barney was born Sunday May 3rd 1807

Aaron Barney was born Saturday June 2nd 1810

Charles Barney was born August Thursday 20th 1818
d. 1887 @69

Elizabeth J. Wife of Charles Barney was born Nov 13th 1832
and she died Nov 18th 1854
(2d wife)
Harriett Newell Wells Born Oct 20 1838 married Nov 5, 1856

[Fourth Page, back of blank page before New Testament]

Jacob Barney Jr Died October 30th 1871 at Cincinnati

James W. Barney Died February 12, 1879

Aaron Barney Died March 24 1882

Charles Barney died Aug 3, 1887

Sarah A., wife of Aaron Barney died Jan 8 1891
Lowell (crossed out) Chase

Eliza French, wife of James Barney, died April 1892

Allen W., son of Charles Barney, died Sept. 28th
1903. Born May 14, 1862

Harriett Wells, second wife of Chas. Barney, died June 3 1909.
Born Oct 20, 1838

L. Idella (Barney) Smith (dau. of Chas. and Harriett) wife of Carey
Smith, born Dec 6 1859 died Dec. 15 1929

Ned Barney Smith born Feb 16 1893, married Oct 17, 1931
Olive L. True, b Sept 18, 1898

Carey True Smith born July 21, 1932
David Leigh Smith b April 17, 1942

[Fifth Page, Back of New Testament Title Page]

Jacob Barney, son of Edward Barney of Braddenham,
Birchinghamshire, England (and descended from the
ancient family of Barney which settled on Norfolkshire
at the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066) came to
Salem Mass. in 1634 when he was a prosperous
merchant, a leader in civic and religious affairs, and
frequently representative to the General Assembly.
Arms -- Quarterly azure and gules, across engrailed

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