Bartlett Bible Pages

These Bible pages were purchased separated from the
Bible, but it was said the Bible was dated 1870
and was from Wales.

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, ,



[Page One -- Family Register]

Name William Bartlett
Born at Westbury White
Died at Pontypridd
Date Nov 11th 1930

Name Elizabeth Ann Bartlett
Born at Kingswood Bristol
Date July
Died at Pontypridd
Date December 17th 1919

at Zstradyfodwg Glamorgan
Date Feby 10th 1879

[Page Two -- Children]

Name William E. Bartlett
Born at Llympia
Date May 23rd 1879
Married to Beatrice M. Powderhill
at Carmel Chapell Pontypridd
Date Aug 14/1902

Name Georgina Emma Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date June 19th 1882
Married to George Lewis
at Pontypridd
Date July 9/1900
Died at Kingsdon Somerset
Date January 7th 1908

Name Elizabeth Ann Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date June 19th 1885
Married to Jas Lewis
at Ponty Pridd
Date Oct 7th 1907

Name Edith L. Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date Sep 4th 1889
Married to George Durham

Name Florence May Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date November 30th 1892
Married to Frederick Williams
at Pontypridd
Date Dec 12th 1910
Died at Abucanaid Buried at Treforest
Date 1940

Name Beatrice M. Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date December 4th 1898
Married to Thomas Edwards

[Page Three -- Children]

Name Edward George Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date March 15th 1901
Died at Pontypridd

Name Georgina Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date 15 Dec 1903

Name Georgina Bartlett
Born at Pontypridd
Date 16 Dec 1902
Married to George Lewis Richard
at Pontypridd
Died at Somerset (scratched out)

Name Samuel Lewis
Born at Tongpandy [??]
Date Octo 18/1902

Name Phyllis Y. Lewis
Born at Aberbargoed [??]
Date June 4th 1911
Married to H. C. Spiers
at Monmouth
Date 7/11/31

Name Katy Eva Lewis
Born at Tony Pandy
Date 4th November 1904
Married to Kenneth Round
at Whitchurch Hereford
Date Aug 10th 1942

[Page Four -- Family Events]

Edward Bartlett Died Feby 16th 1893 Age 25 Glyntaff

George Bartlett " April 11th 1893 " 22 "

Edward Bartlett " " "

Georgina Lewis " Jan. 7 " 1908 " 26 Somerset

Elizabeth Bartlett " Nov. 11th 19

William Bartlett " Dec

Florence Williams "

Edith Durham "

Aaron Feltham Died April 24th 1901 Age 70

Lenord William George Lewis Was Born 18 of December 1907

Mary Phyllis Gwendoline Lewis Was Born 4 of June 1911

Muriel Francess Jane Lewis 3rd of September

Muriel Glenice Edwards

Elizabeth Bernice Spiers March 23rd 1932

[Page Five -- Portraits]

George Lewis Grassmere Berwick Rd Dandenory
Victoria Australia [this is written on page,
no picture]

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