Batterton Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Records, Early
Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions
Volume One, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1926, pp 189-90.


Below this line, verbatim from source.


(In the possession of Mrs. Raymond McMillan)

Benjamin Batterton, Senr., and Susannah Guthrie were married March 11, 1790.
L. D. Sims and Anna Batterton were married March 2, 1826.
Elias Batterton and Kitty Ann Smith were married May the 15th, 1834.
Thomas Dinwiddie and Elizabeth Batterton were married April 23rd, 1835.
Benjamin A. Batterton and Mary Jane George were married the 8th of November, 1841 (or 7).
T. J. Shepard and Bettie G. Batterton were married November 12th, 1879.
B. Alfred Batterton and Lizzie H. Boswell were married December 6th, 1882.
John F. McDaniel and Mary S. Batterton were married October 22nd, 1884.

Benjamin Batterton, born September the 2nd, Anno Domi., 1767.
Susannah Batterton, wife of Benjamin Batterton, was born September 27th day, 1767.
Reuben Batterton was born March the 11th day, 1791.
Anna Batterton was born April the 9th day, 1792.
Sarah Harris Batterton was born December the 5th, 1793.
Elizabeth Batterton was born December the 16th day, 1795.
John Batterton was born December the 22nd day, 1797.
Enoch Batterton was born December the 9th day, 1799.
William Guthrie Batterton was born August the 15th day, 1801
Henry Batterton was born May the 22nd day, 1803.
Jesse Batterton was born January the 6th day, 1805.
Samuel Batterton was born December the 20th day, 1806.
Elias Batterton was born November the 26th day, 1808.
Benjamin Abbott Batterton was born July the 24th day, 1811.
Elizabeth G. Batterton was born 31st of January, 1854.
Benjamin A. Batterton was born the 15th of December, 1856.
Mary S. Batterton was born the 2nd of June, 1858.
Benjamin Alfred Batterton, son of B. A. and Lizzie Batterton, was born December 15th, 1883.
George Boswell Batterton, son of B. A. and Lizzie Batterton, was born January 21st, 1885.
Joseph Roy Batterton was born November 18th, 1887.
Mary Elizabeth Batterton was born October 9th, 1890.
Smith Bishop Batterton was born June 24th, 1897.

Jesse Batterton died December the 28th day, 1809.
Benjamin Batterton, Senr., died June the 29th day, 1833.
Sarah Harris King died January the 31st, 1835.
Elizabeth Thomas died June the 16th, 1837.
Henry Batterton died August the 8th, 1838.
Enoch Batterton died August the 20th, 1837.
Nelson Batterton died June the 14th, 1838.
Susannah Batterton died the 11th day of May, 1852.
Benjamin Abbott Batterton died March, 10th day, 1863.
Elizabeth George died March 1st, 1875.
NOTE: Found in the Batterton Bible, old deed as follows: John Clough to Batterton-Conveyance of Land Warrant, appointed by father, Ebenezer Clough of City of Boston, Mass., for good will toward Benjamin Abbott Batterton, natural son of Benjamin Batterton, of Bourbon County, Ky. "Witness, I have delivered letter signed by my father, above date," is Dec., 1823, Boston.