Beardmore Bible

This Bible is a custom binding of several books and the Old
and New Testaments. I am transcribing the title page opposite
the genealogy, but the copyrights on the other books do not vary
more than a couple of years.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. Oxford,
Printed at the Clarendon Press, by Bensley, Cooke and Collingwood,
Printers to the University, London, 1817. Herbert, #1658.

This bible is currently in the possession of
Tracy St. Claire
of .
UPDATE! Bible was returned to direct descendant

Jeanne Tomlin,



Francis Beardmore Married to Deborah Malkin May 25th 1818

Francis Beardmore Born May 10th 1819

Maryanne Beardmore Born April 19th 1821

Thomas Beardmore Born March 23th 1823

James Beardmore Born February 5th 1825

John Beardmore Born March 23th 1827

George Beardmore Born Nov 13th 1832
Died April 29th 1857

Deborah Beardmore Died March 12th 1871

Francis Beardmore

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