Bennewis Bible Record

This is a single page that was removed from a Bible
(apparently German). Only one side was written on,
in the deaths section. Some of it is in the older
German style, which I cannot read. The rest is in
very legible English.

The date of this page is unknown, and it matches none
of my volumes. It is consistent with the style of
middle 19th century Bibles.



Lodesfalle [Deaths]

?? Gottlieb ?? ??
?? un 19 Juni 1857. (??)

Gottlieb ?? ?? (m. ??)
?? un 14 ?? 1864.


Regina C. Bennewis
April 6th 1902.
Born Feb 28th 1828


Wilhelmina H. Ziegler
Sept. 13th 1906.
Born Jan 12th 1844.


Henry W. A. Bennewis
Feb 26th 1919
Born May 4th 1867


Emma M. Yaiser
Died July 2nd 4:15PM 1930
Born 1863 -- Sep 9th