Berry Bible

Submitted by Joleen Streit


This family lived in Greenwood and Elmwood, Cass Co., and Lincoln, Lancaster Co. NE,
James BERRY came from England.

James BERRY of Greenwood and IRENA B. SAMPSON of Greenwood on March 8 1896 at Greenwood by Cyrus Alton, Minister of the Gospel Witness: Earle C. Stevenson and Lena R. Bethel
Elizabeth BERRY and Charley COOPER, June 6, 1917, Lincoln Nebr.
Truman SAMPSON and Elizabeth M. FOX New London, Henry Co., Iowa Sept 1, 1858 by Benj. Mathis
Kitturah SAMPSON and Edwin JEARY, Oct 22, 1876, Greenwood Cass Co. Nebr

James BERRY Apr. 16, 1872 Hancote Engl.
Irena BERRY July 13, 1878 Greenwood Nebr.
Elizabeth Jane BERRY Sept 1, 1899, Elmwood Nebr
Eunice Bell BERRY Oct. 3, 1901 Elmwood, Nebr
Ruth Ella BERRY Aug. 28, 1903 Elmwood, Nebr
Catherine Pool BERRY Oct 4, 1905 Elmwood, Nebr
Glen B. BERRY Dec 17 1907 Elmwood, Nebr
Byron Emmet BERRY May 16 1909 Elmwood Nebr
Truman J BERRY June 10, 1915 W.W. (Weeping Water, Nebr)

Father & Mother
Truman SAMPSON Apr. 7, 1831 Huron Co. Ohio
Elizabeth M. SAMPSON Oct 21 1837 Athens Co. Ohio
Kitty JEARY Aug 4, 1859 Keokuk Co., Iowa (Greenwood, Nebr was marked out)
Eugene SAMPSON Aug 18, 1867 Cass Co. Nebr
Annie SAMPSON Sept 2nd 1869 Cass Co Nebr
Henry SAMPSON Oct 8th 1872 Cass Co Nebr
Irena Bell SAMPSON July 13 1878 Cass Co., Nebr

Elizabeth COOPER Oct. 1939 (1940 is marked through)
Byron BERRY Jan. 1922
James BERRY Mch 5 1955
Irena BERRY Dec. 22 1966