Bone Family Pages

This record was possibly originally in a bible, but also
may have been meant only for framing. It is two pages
taped together, with some additional notes on the reverse
of one. There may be more surnames than those listed
under "Surnames" below, but it is difficult to determine
which were intended as middle names and which as surnames.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One, Names and Births]

William Bone Born in Scotland May 6th 1834
Jane Ritchie Born in Scotland Aug 7th / 34

David Son of Wm. & J. Bone Born in Newbury August 5th 1867
William Son of Wm. & J. Bone Born in Newbury June 4th 1868
Infant daughter of Wm. & J. Bone Born in Newbury Dec. 17th 1869
Archie Ritchie Son of W. & J. Bone Born in Newbury Nov 22d 1871
Infant daughter of Wm. & J. Bone Born in Newbury Jan 7th 1876

Ellen Smith, Born in Ryegate Apr. 5 1841
Herman David, " " Newbury Mch. 14 - 1878
John Smith, " " " Dec. 1 - 1879
Ellen Jane, " " " Aug. 26 - 1884

[Page Two -- Marriages and Deaths]

William Bone & Jane Ritchie was married in Ryegate Dec 5th
1866 by Rev. James M. Beattie

William Bone and Ellen Smith were married Mch 16 - 1877,
at South Ryegate, by Rev. J. H. Kendall

David Bone Died in Newbury August 20th 1867
Infant daughter died Dec 17th 1869
Infant daughter died Jan 7th 1876
Jane wife of Wm. Bone died Jan 28th 1876

[Page Three -- Reverse of Page Two]

Mabel Louise Davis Born in Nottingham, N.H. Sept. 5, 1875

Gertrude Frances Born in York Corner April 12, 1904.

Raymond Henry Born in York Corner May 23, 1916

Edith Eleanor Plummer Born in Iowa February 7, 1777
[This entry is obviously inaccurate, but the date 1777 does not
resemble anything else. Please view the scan and draw your
own conclusions]

Norman Archie Born in South Ryegate Vt April 2, 1902

Arnold Roberts Born in South Ryegate Vt July 26 1913

Bertha Mae Davis Born in Della River Vt February 13, 1880

Charlotte Davis Born in Wells River October 12, 1906

Harriett Eleanor Born in Waterbury October 13, 1909

Herman Ansel Born in Gardner Mass June 19 - 1913

Lucia Hellen Hadley Born in Burlington August 31, 1881

Infant daughter stillborn Nov 9 - 1910

William Winston Born in Boltonville Vt Feb. 21 - 1912

Russell Hadley Born in Boltonville Dec 19 - 1913

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