Bowman Bible

I have copies of a family bible, the Bible is copyright 1866 but the
information appears to have been place in for a time period from 1826. The
bible was the Joel Bowman and Catherine Wagner Bible. The information is from
both the original and from copies. Unfortunately the Bible is very hard to
read and only the earlier part is easily read. But I would like for others to
be have access to the information in hopes that they will be able to help in
my research also.

My name is Virginia L. Beam
3216 Zion Road
Van Buren, AR 72956

Surnames: Bowman, Wagner

The Bible Reads as Follows:

Joel Bowman son of James & Elizabeth Bowman was borne March 5, 1826 in the
County of Wilkes, State of North Carolina
Catherine Wagner daughter of David and Rachael Wagner was borne December 14,
1830 in the County of Johnson, State of Tennessee
Joel Bowman & Catherine Wagner was married April 12, 1849
Elizabeth Rachael Bowman daughter of Joel & Catherine Bowman was borne
May 26, 1851 in the County of Gillmore, State of Georgia
Marry Anne Bowman was borne April 2, 1853 in Johnson County, Tennessee
John Thomas Bowman was borne January 29, 1854 in Johnson County, Tennessee
David Galore Bowman was borne November 22, 1855 in Johnson County, Tennessee
James Leonard Bowman was borne December 10, 1857 in Johnson County, Tennessee
Alfred Wagner Bowman was borne June 8, 1860 in Owsley County, Kentucky
Joel Brookshire Bowman was borne January 20, 1862 in Owsley County, Kentucky

page 2

William Carter Bowman was borne January 7, 1864 in Owsley County, Kentucky
Catherine Calesta was borne March 20, 1866 in Owsley County, Kentucky
{Handwriting changes}
John Thomas Jr. son of John Thomas Sr. and Julia Ann his wife was borne on the
Twenty Second February 1882
[handwriting changes again, and it is written in pencil]
William Joel was borne September 1, 1897 (with in Greer Co, Ok written on top
of this entry)
Julia Ann Bowman [wife of ?]
J. T. Bowman ----- September
the 27, 1858
page 3 Deaths (written in at top)
Marry Anne Bowman died (same handwriting as original entries)
August 17, 1854 in Johnson County
Catherine Bowman died August
the 31 1872 in Lee Co Ky

There is other writing that cannot be made out.

The current holder of the Bible is Judy Bowman, Cyril Oklahoma. The Bible
has been passed down through the John Thomas Bowman who was the first son of
Joel and Catherine. It then went to the last born male child, of which Judy
is a granddaughter. I (Virginia) and from John Thomas daughter Virginia. I
would be glad to update anyone on the information from John Thomas down if
they would like. Judy gave me permission to send the Bible information to
anyone who would like it.