Bradley Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Records, Early
Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions
Volume One, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1926, pp 160-1.



(Contributed by Miss Mattie R. Davis, Lexington Chapter)
(In possession of Mr. G. W. Bradley, Lexington, Ky.)

Thomas Bradley, son of Robert Bradley, was born March 5, 1761.
Philadelphia, his wife, daughter of Thomas Ficklin, was born December 15, 1768.
Robert Bradley, their son, was born June 26, 1790.
William Bradley, born February 7, 1793.
Henry Bradley was born July 7, 1795.
James Ficklin Bradley born February 10, 1798.
Margaret Bradley, born May 20, 1800.
John Bradley, born November 16, 1802.
(Mary) Bradley, born February 20, 1805.
Jephthah Dudley Bradley, born February 20, 1808.
Joseph Leeland Bradley, born August 11, 1810.
Robert Henry Bradley, son of William and Mahala, born January 25, 1819.
Sarah Margaret, daughter of William and Mahala, born August 4, 1827.
Elizabeth Jane Bradley, born April 24, 1829.
Amanda Ficklin Bradley, born September 18, 1831 on Thursday.
Mary Ann Maria Bradley, born May 7, 1834.
Nancy Kirkpatrick Bradley, born October 14, 1836, Friday.
Mahala Francis Bradley, born September 20, 1842.
Maranda K. B. Bradley, born December 28, 1839.
George Thomas Bradley, born August 29, 1845, Friday.
James William Bradley, son of William and M. Bradley, born February 25, 1848, Wednesday.
Eva Lee, daughter of J. H. and M. F. Miller, born August 26, 1802.
Lillie, daughter of J. W. and R. H. Hanna, born in Dover, Ky., February 13, 1867.
Mary Mahala Bradley, daughter of G. T. and S. F. Bradley, born at Pleasant Valley, April 28, 1868, Tuesday.
Lutte Bradley, daughter of G. T. and S. T. Bradley, born September 19, 1870, Monday.
George W., son of G. T. and S. T. Bradley, born December 22, 1882.
Alice Bradley, daughter of G. T. and Margaret, born July 9, 1891.
Sarah Margaret Bradley, wife of G. T. Bradley, born November 17, 1848.


Thomas Bradley and Philadelphia Ficlin married March 5, 1788.
Their son, William Bradley, married Sally (Deakins) April 7, 1818.
Henry Bradley, son, married Maria Jenkins (January) 25, 1808.
James F. Bradley married ------ Keller February 11, 1800 (10).
William Hudleson and Margaret Bradley married June 2, 1815.
William Bradley and Mahala Kirkpatrick married February 18, 1826.
Jepthah Dudley Bradley and Ann Eliza Suggett February 6, 1834.
Margaret Bradley and B. F. Dils November 4, 1846.
Eliza Fan Bradley and James L. Bradley April 26, 1819.
Amanda F. Bradley and R. H. Conawry July 6,1854.
Nancy E. K. Bradley and T. M. Browning July 25, 1854.
R. H. Bradley and Margaret Ann Perkins August 1, 1844, Nashville, Tenn.
Mahala T. Bradley and James H. Miller September 19, 1861.
George T. Bradley and Susan T. Redmon June 25, 1867.
------- K. Bradley and J. W. Hi----- March (Feb.) 6.
George William Bradley and Margaret Schen, June 1, 1909.
Mary Louise Bradley, daughter of G. W. and M. S., born July 9, 1914.


Robert Bradley, son of Thomas Bradley, died October 22, 1820.
Philadelphia, consort of Thomas Bradley, died September 13, 1823, aged 51 years.
Thomas Bradley died June, 1824.
John Bradley died September 3, 1839.
Eliza Jane Bradley died August 29, 1852.
Henry Bradley died February 8, 1859.
Eva Lee, daughter of ------- Miller, died March 14, 1864.
James W. Bradley died November, 1883, aged 35 years.
Sallie W. Bradley died May 25, 1819, wife of William Bradley.
William Bradley died in Millersburg, Ky., August 8, 1861.
Leeland J. Bradley died Bolivar County, Miss., November 12, 1861.
Amanda F. Conway died in Millersburg, Ky., December 4, 18(-)7.
Nannie K. Browning died April 1, 1871.
Miranda K. B. Hanna died in Dover, March 28, 1875.
Mahala Bradley died at B. F. Dills, October 28, 1875.
Fannie B. Miller died in Millersburg, January 20, 1879.
Susan T. Bradley died January 6, 1884, near North Middletown.
Sarah Margaret Bradley, second wife of G. T. Bradley, died January 15, 1925.
Author J. Skillman, son of Mary Mahala Bradley and Charles M. Skillman, died August 24, 1925, Washington, D. C., at Walter Reed Hospital, buried in Arlington Cemetery. Wife, Lillie Elizabeth Martin, baby, Lillian Elizabeth.
James W. Bradley Stitt, died May 19, 1918, in Vacaville, Cal., aged 84 years.
Sarah Margaret Bradley Dills died December 13, 1914, Enid, Okla.
Robert H. Bradley died June, 1918, Franklin, Tenn.
Alice S. Bradley died January 21, 1921.