Breckenridge Bible

The Cottage Bible & Family Expositor, Printed & Published By Case,
Tiffany And Burnham,
Hartford, Connecticut, 1841. Two volumes.
This Bible was purchased at an estate sale in Sun City, Arizona.

This Bible and related material was submitted by Nick Nejadeh
( and it contains a wealth of information about
this family and related families, possibly collected for the purpose
of joining the Daughters of the American Revolution. There are a
lot of images here and I found that I could not transcribe them all.
I ask for a volunteer here to come forward and transcribe the rest.
I have sat on it long enough -- transcribing some, and procrastinating.
This entry deserves better attention, and I do not want to leave it
unposted just because it remains partially untranscribed. The number
of persons related to this family must be enormous.

Nick would like to get this Bible returned to family members.
UPDATE!!! Nick has returned this Bible to a great-grandson of
John B. Breckenridge and Mary Ehrenfeld currently living in South
Dakota. The family was having its genealogy researched with the
help of a genealogist, and got a little more than it expected from the
research. The family is said to be thrilled with the Bible's return.

It is possible that this entry on Bible Records Online sets a record
for the sheer amount of genealogy information stored in one family's
Bible. Thanks, Nick, for sharing it, and taking the time to get it all
scanned in.

The obituary for the matriarch of the family, Sophia Breckenridge,
is very warm and touching. I have read obituaries for women that
never mention their first names, but this one is very poignant. It is
also pretty obviously written by her son, S.F. Breckenridge, as all
other relatives are pushed to the background while he and his whole
education and profession come front and center.

Also of note is Paul Howard Baldwin who married Dr. Caroline Marcy
in April of 1909. That was unusual for the time, when there was only
a few women's medical colleges in the country, and most others
didn't allow women. She was indeed a medical doctor and they later
went on to have three children, as below.



-----------------------Transcript Starts-----------------------

[Page One -- Primary Bible]

Emma May daughter of S. F. & M.A. Breckenridge was married to Rev.
Samuel S. Adams december 1st 1886

Sarah Sophia daughter of S.F and M.A. Breckenridge was married to Rev.
John M. Bramkamp (February) January 31st 1895, by Rev. S.F. Breckenridge.

Charles Breckenridge son of Robert B. and Jane E. Baldwin was married to
Ida Shidemantel Sep. 4 1895. by Rev. P. F. Heckert.

Paul Luther son of Rev. S.S. & E.M. Adams died Jan. : 1906 -- Thyphoid Fever
Buried [?] at Springfield O

Emma May, daughter of S.F. and May H. G. [?] Breckenridge and wife of Rev.
S.S. Adams died at Wheeling W.V. March 14th 1912. aged 47 years. Buried at
Springfield O.

William Henry son of Rev. J. B. and M.S. Breckenridge died Sep 16th 1915
aged 64 yrs 6 mo and 17 days

[Page Two -- Primary Bible]

N.B. --the letter a before e should be written e in the names following

John B. Brackenridge was married to Mary Sophia Ehrenfeld August 4th 1831
by Rev. James Nourse.

Samuel Franklin Breckinridge was married to Mary Adaline Garver on 27th August
1861 by Rev. E. D. Willis.

Jane Ellen Breckenridge was married to Robert Bell Baldwin July 13th 1871 by Rev.
S.F. Breckenridge.

Charles Howard Breckenridge was married to Elizabeth Ann Dalrymple January 22nd
1874 by Rev. J.B. Breckenridge (Father).

John Maitland Breckenridge was married to Rebecca Foster Septembr 4th 1879 by
the Rev. J. B. Breckenridge (Father).

W.H. Breckenridge was married to Jennie Ashworth Thornton August 20th 1884.
(Virginia) [Virginia is in the margins between this entry and the one above it].

John G. son of S.F. and M.A. Breckenridge to Sallie M. daughter of Rev. J. F. Shaffer
(by first marriage) Nov. 18th 1886.

The name should be written Breckenridge with an e before c. J.C.

[Page Three -- Primary Bible]

[There are some additional comments on this page that were added at a later date.
I have not transcribed them for lack of time, and lack of a clean way to differentiate
those comments from the original. Please refer to the scans for those comments,
which refer primarily to who baptized which infant.]

John B. Brackenridge born October 31st, 1806
Mary Sophia Ehrenfeld born Nov 11th 1811

Samuel Franklin Brackenridge born Dec 1st 1833.
Mary Elizabeth Brackenridge born May 22nd 1837
George Augustus Brackenridge born Feb 12th 1841.
Jane Ellen Brackenridge born Feb 10th 1843.
Charles Howard Brackenridge born Sept. 10th 1845
Charlotte Catharine Brackenridge born Sept. 16th 1848
William Henry Brackenridge born February 28th 1851.
John Maitland Brackenridge born July 14th 1853.

Children of J.B.B. and Mary Sophia Brackenridge [written in
the margin]

[Page Four -- Primary Bible]


Emma Blanche Breckenridge daughter of C.H. and E.A. Breckinridge born
September 10th 1877.

John Garver, son of S.F. & M.A. Breckenridge born Nov. 22d 1862.

Emma May, daughter of S.F. and M.A. Breckenridge, born May 29th 1864.

Sarah Sophia, daughter of S.F. and M.A. Breckenridge, born Feb. 1st 1870.

Helen Thornton Breckenridge daughter of W. H. Breckenridge and & Jennie
Thornton [illegible] born August 15th 1885.

Ernest Samuel son of W. H. & J.T. Breckenridge born April 28 1887 and died
August 5th 1887 aged 3 months & 8 days.


Charles Breckenridge Baldwin son of Robt. B. and Jane Ellen Baldwin was born
March 4th 1873

George Augustus son of Robt. B. and Jane Ellen Baldwin was born December
12th 1874.

Paul Howard son of Robt. B. and Jane Ellen Baldwin was born November 14th

Geo. Augustus Breckenridge son of C.H. Breckenridge born January 6th 1875.
Mother's name Elizabeth Anne Breckenridge.

[Page Five -- Primary Bible]

Emma Periniah [?] Brackenridge died October 26th 1856 at 2 O'Clock in the
Morning aged 5 Mts

George Augustus Breckenridge died near Vicksburg Mifs. on the ninth of August
1863 aged 22 years 5 months and 27 days, a soldier in the service of the U. S.
Light Battery Pa. Vol. 152 Reg. Co. A. Steamer Baltic Mifs. Marine Brigade. He
died in the floating Hospital Woodford and is buried in the state of (Mifsifsippi)
Louisiana directly opposite Vicksburg on bank of the river Mifs.

Charles Howard Breckenridge died December 9th 1877 at 12 O'Clock P.M.
aged 32 years three months (Typhus fever)

Jane Breckenridge mother of John B. Breckenridge died November 19th 1874,
aged 89 years 5 months & 14 days

Samuel Breckenridge father of John B. Breckenridge died September 20th
1845 aged 68 years 2 months

James LaFayette Breckenridge brother of J.B. Breckenridge died 22 day of
December 1864.

David L. Breckenridge son of S.B. [illegible] Breckenridge died May 3rd, 1912

Mrs. Jane Ellen Baldwin daughter ofRev. J.B. and Mrs. B- died Oct. 4 1917

Robert Bell Baldwin died January 5th 1919 aged 79 yrs 7 mont

[Page Six -- Primary Bible]

Emma Blanche daughter of C.H. and Lizzie A. Breckenridge died May 7 1891 aged
13 years 7 months and 27 days (spinal menengitis)

George Augustus son of C.H. and Lizzie Breckenridge died June 28th 1891 aged
16 years 5 months & 22 days (spinal meningitis)

Rev. John Brown Breckenridge died September 20, 1898 aged 91 yrs, 10 mo, 21 days.

Rev. Samuel Franklin Breckenridge son of J.B. & M.S. Breckenridge died Nov 11 1907 at
Springfield O. aged 73 yrs. 11 mo & 11 days.

William Henry son J.B. and M.S. Breckenridge died Sep. 16 1915 age ?4 yrs 6m and 17
days [entry smeared]

Lizzie A. Dalrymple, wife of C.H. Breckenridge, died January 25. 1888. aged 35 years
6 mo. and some days. (consumption)

Mary Sophia ne Ehrenfeld or Sophia M. wife of John B. Breckenridge, died Dec. 1 1893
aged 82 yrs and 19 days.

From the Lutheran Observer December 22d 1893
In Memoriam --- Mrs. Sophia Breckenridge.

On December 1st, 1893, at Rochester, Pa., Mrs. Sophia Breckenridge, wife of Rev.
J.B. Breckenridge, aged 82 years and 19 days.

She was born at Philadelphia, November 12, 1811. She was the oldest daughter of
Medical Doctor Augustus Clemens Ehrenfeld and sister of Revs. G.F. (deceased),
A.C. and C.L. Ehrenfeld. The deceased has left to survive her, her husband, now in his
88th year, her oldest son, Prof. S.F. Breckenridge, Sc. D., D.D., of Wittenberg College;
also two other sons and three daughters. One daughter and two sons preceded her
into the world of spirits. Of these sons, George Augustus was given a sacrifice to his
country in the war for the Union and liberty, he having died in the army at Vicksburg. The
other deceased son left a wife and two children, who have likewise answered the
summons into the other world. Beside these we laide the body of the mother and
grandmother, where now side by side "they softly lie and sweetly sleep" awaiting the
resurrection morning.

The deceased was a very extraordinary woman. This, those who knew her best will
testify. The broken health of her husband devolved on her the responsibility of her
family, and she carried it with unfaltering faith and courage through all the years. She
has entered into a great reward, if such there be for a heroic wife, a faithful mother,
a steadfast Christian woman, and a courageous spirit at all times. The wasting of disease
and weight of more than four score years could not rob her dear face, even in death,
of its strength and sweetness nor the expression of repose that marked her character.
She was a rare spirit. Her biography is written in heaven. "Blessed are the dead
which die in the Lord: yea, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labors and their works
do follow them." This was the fit scripture from which the minister spoke at her funeral.

[Page Seven -- Primary Bible]

Great grand Children

Genevieve Hazel daughter of Wm. C. and Helen T. Leig was born Dec. 2, 1906
Emma Margaret born " " " born March 18th 1909
Dorothy Virginia " " " born April 13th 1911
Helen Emma daughter of W.C. and Helen Leig Was born July 1916

Bruce Breckenridge son of Paul C. and M. Pauline Laybourne born Oct 1914
Paul G. Son of P.C. and Pauline Breckenridge Laybourne Born

Richard Weyener [?] son of George A. and E.A. Baldwin born September 6th 1906
George Augustus Baldwin jr son of " " born April 24th 1911
Paul Howard son of George A. and E. A. Baldwin born July 14 1915

Thomas Marcy son of Paul H. and Dr. C. D. M. Baldwin born April 6th 1911
May Stanton daughter of Paul H. and Dr. C.D.M. Baldwin was born March 20th 1913
John Paul son of Paul H. and Dr. C.D.M. Baldwin born Dec 1 1915

[Page Eight -- Primary Bible]


Emma May daughter of Samuel F. and M.A. G. Breckenridge was married to Rev.
S.S. Adams Dec. 1 1886 by Rev. S.F. Breckenridge died March 1912

Sarah Sophia daughter of Samuel F and M.A.G. Breckenridge was married to Rev.
John Bramkamp January 31.1895. by Rev. S.F. Breckenridge

Charles Breckenridge Baldwin son of Robert B. and P.E. Baldwin was married to Ida
Shidemantle September 4. 1895. by (Rev. P. F. Heckert)

Charles Howard son of John M. and R. Breckenridge was married to Grace
Cunningham Oct. 15 1903

John L. Breckenridge married Minnie March-- June --

George Augustus son of Robt. B. & J. E. Baldwin was married to Ann Elisabeth
daughter of Herman P. & Sarah (Endres) Speyeser [??] June. 23 - 1904 by
Rev. F. A. Bowes & Rev. Bloomfield

Helen Thornton, daughter of Wm. H. and Virginia A. Breckenridge was married to
Wm. Caleb Leigh Oct. 19 1904, by Rev. F. A. Bowers.

Paul Howard son of Robert B and J. E. Baldwin was married to Dr. Caroline
B. Marcy daughter of L.A. Marcy April 27 1909

Mildred Pauline daughter of John G. and Sallie M. Shaffer Breckenridge was
married to Paul C. Laybourne Dec. 24

Harry Ernest son of John M and Rebecca Breckenridge ??? Nov 30 1916 to
?? ??

Clemens Ehrenfeld son of Wm. and Virginia Breckenridge married Hazel
Christine La???? May 2 1918

[Page Nine -- Primary Bible]


Robert Samuel son of John M. and Rebecca H. Breckenridge, died th Feb,
26. 1898. aged 8 yrs, 5 mo. 18 days. (Typhoid Fever)

John Maitland, son of John B. and Mary Sophia Breckenridge died March
27, 1898. aged 45 yrs, 8 mo., 13 days. (Nervous Prostration, Typhoid Fever)

Clarence Foster, son of J. M. and Rebecca Breckenridge died November
25, 1890, aged 6 years 6 months and 3 days (Diptheria)

Hazel Maude, daughter of Wm. H. and Vir. A. F. Breckenridge died April 14,
1903 age 14 years, 7 mo, 27 days

Virginia Ash??? Jennie Thornton wife of Wm. H. Breckenridge died October
31st 1913 -- aged 51 yrs 9 mo 14 days -- buried at Spring???


Robert John -- son of Charles. B. and Ida S. Baldwin was born April 19. 1898.
(Bap. by Rev. J. E. Whittaker)

Hazel Maude daughter of Wm. H. and Virginia A. J. Breckenridge born Aug.
18. 1888. bap. by Rev. J. W. Myers.

Clemens Ehrenfeld, son of Wm. H. and Virginia A. J. Breckenridge was born,
March 17, 1897, (Bap. by Rev. S. F. Breckenridge) June 30th 1897

Paul George, son of Wm. H. and Virginia A. F. Breckenridge was born March 4,
1898, bap. by Rev. J. E. Whittaker)

Henry Arthur, son of Chas B. and Ida S Baldwin was born Nov 27, 1903. and died
April 24 1903 [sic] aged about 5 months

[Page Ten -- Bible]

Richard Meyerer [??] son of G. A. & A. Elizabeth Meyerer [??] Baldwin was born Sept.
6 1906, baptized by Rev F. ? Bowers

[Incorrect entry about Genevieve below (giving her different parents) crossed out,
indicating that these entries were copied from somewhere else? Written by someone
with bad memory?]

Genevieve Hazel -- daughter of Wm. C. & Helen T. Leigh was born Dec. 2, 1906.

Vera, daughter of Charles H. & Grace Cunningham Breckenridge was born Sep. 9,

Kenneth, son of C.H. and Grace Breckenridge

Mary Garver, daughter of Rev. J. M. and Sarah S. Bramcamp was born Sept. 12,
1905 -- baptism by Rev. S. F. Breckenridge

Lewis ? Breckenridge, son of Rev. J. M. and Sarah S. Bramcamp was born March
29 1900. baptized by Rev. S. F. Breckenridge.

Mary Catharine daughter of Rev. S.S. and C. May Adams was born.
June 5 1900 baptized by Rev S. F. Breckenridge

Cecil Howard son of C. B. and Pela J. Baldwin was born Jan ?2, 1900,
baptized by B----

Ruth Esther daughter of C. B. and Ida S. Baldwin was born August 24 1913
??ed by Rev. F. A. Bowers

[Family Pages -- I Cannot Determine if these are Primary Bible or Just Notes]


[Family Record Transcript Found in Bible]

Family Record

A verbatim transcript of the family record taken from the family Bible
of Samuel Brackenridge of Fayette County, Pa. made by S. F.
Breckenridge, Oct. 14, 1898.

This copy was sent from S.F. Breckenridge to "Sister Mary" from
Springfield, Ohio on October 14, 1898. He is seeking genealogy
information, death dates and such.

Springfield, Ohio
Oct. 14th, 1898.

Dear Sister Mary:
Inclosed with this you will find a transcript of
the family record taken from the family Bible of our grandfather
Samuel Brackenridge. This is the third copy I have made. I have sent one
to Mrs. Elixabeth A.N. Breckenridge and another to Mrs. Eliza Scarbrough.
I have copied with care. I do not think there are any errors in it.
I wish you would get the following mentioned dates for me if you can.
What is the date of the death of Joseph Jacobs? Ask Will. if he was
still living at the time we visited up the Monongelela several years
ago. Was aunt Maria living then. I think not, but would like to have his
corroboration, or otherwise as the case may be. Maybe that
the fact that our visit was not long after the acquittal of Jim Nutt. This may help to
get the year which is about all I care about.
The date of the death of Joseph Jacobs and the year of our visit
to our friends in Fayette County.
I believe I have not heard from Rochester since I left. Are any of you
sick? Let me hear from some one.
We are in about our usual health. I have been out some with Samuel hunting
hickory nuts and walnuts. We got some but he has had bad luck with them.
One morning when he got up he found that some one had stolen all his hickory
nuts and the most of his walnuts. He is a pretty bright boy but
extremely lazy about studying. I drill him a little each evening in
Arithmetic, but he would rather be at something else.

Yours as ever,
S. F. Breckenridge


A verbatim transcript of the family record taken from the family
Bible of Samuel Brackenridge of Fayette County Pa. made by S. F. Breckenridge, Oct. 14th, 1898. Any comment is placed in brackets and signed S.F.B.

Samuel Brackenridge and Jean his wife married June the seventh day Anno Domini Eighteen hundred & four.
John B. Brackenridge was married to Mary Sophia Ehrenfeld August 4th one thousand eight hundred and thirty one.
Elizabeth Brackenridge was married to James Scarbrough January 2nd 1834.
Maria Brackenridge was married to Joseph Jacobs September 1st 1842.
James L. Brackenridge was married to Elizabeth Ann Nutt May 15th in the A.D. 1851.
David L. Brackenridge was married to Elizabeth Jane Brokaw February 25th 1855.


Samuel Brackenridge born July the twentieth day Anno Domini Seventeen hundred & seventy seven.

John Brackenridge (the final e is omitted in the original, 8.".B) born June the sixteenth day Anno Domini Eighteen hundred & five.

John Brown Brackenridge born October the thirtieth day Anno Domini Eighteen hundred & six.

David Brackenridge born April the twenty eighth day Anno Domini Eighteen hundred and nine.

James Brackenridge born July the thirteenth day Anno Domini Eighteen hundred and thirteen.

Elizabeth Brackenridge born January fifth day Anno Domini Eighteen hundred and sixteen.


Jane Brackenridge (her maiden name was Maitland, S.F.B.) born June the sixth day Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred & eighty five.
(This entry is made at the head of the second column of the second page of the record, and thus stands side by side with the entry of the birth of Samuel Brackenridge. S.F.B.)
Maria Brackenridge born the second day of October Anno Domini One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen.

David Linter Brackenridge born the thirteenth day of January Anno Domini One Thousand eight hundred ad twentytwo.

James LaFayette Brackenridge born June the eleventh Anno Domini One thousand eight hundred and twenty five.


John Brackenridge died July the twenty seventh day Anno Domini Eighteen hundred & five, died about two 0'clock in the Evening.
God giveth & taketh away,
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

In the memory of David Brackenridge who died in the year of our Lord one thou (so, S.F.B.) Eigt (so.S.F.B.) hundred and Fourteen on thursDay (so.S.F.B.) the first day of September Between Six and Seven 0clock in the evening.
As you are now so once was I:
As I am now so you must be;
Prepare for death and follow me.
Eaged (so, S.F.B.) five years and four months and three days.

Sacred to the memory of James Brackenridge was born July 13th 1813 and took his abode in the bosom of his Redeemer on the 20th of December 1814 on tuesday between nine and ten o'clock in the morning. aged 17 months and 7 days.
Weep not for me my Parents Dear,
To grieve it is in vain.
Christ is my hope you need not fear
We all shall meet again.

Samuel Brackenridge died September 20th 1845, aged 68 years and two months. Bor 1877. (This entry is in the handwriting of John B. Brackenridge. S.F.B.)


James LaFayette Brackenridgez son of Samuel and Jane Brackenridge died in the service of his country on the 22nd day of December Anno Domini 1864.

Jane Brackenridge Died November 19th 1874 Aged 89 years 5 months and 14 days. (She died in Fayette City Pa. at the home of her daughter Maria Jacobs, and the entry of her death was made in the handwriting of some one of the Jacobs family. S.F.B.)

Maria Brackenridge Jacobs died December 22nd 1887 at Fayette city Pa. aged 69 years, 2 months, 20 days.

Rev. John Brown Brackenridge died at Rochester, Pa. Sept. 20thm 1898, aged 91 years, 10 months, and 20 days. He passed away as quietly as an infant going asleep. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
(This entry is made in my handwriting, S.F.B.)

(The Bible from which this transcript has been made was presented to me by Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Nutt Breckenridge several years ago upon the occasion of my visit to see her and other friends at Brownsville, Fayette City and Uniontown, Pennsylvania. I left it, however with my father at Rochester, Pa. Upon his decease I brought it with me when I came home from his funeral to Springfield, Ohio. It is my intention to give it to my oldest grandson, Samuel Shaffer Breckenridge.)

Elisabeth Breckenridge Scarborough, died at Mt. Liberty, Knox Co. Ohio at the home of her daughter Charity Robertson September 16th- 1914, aged 88 years 11 days-- (M.E.B.)

David Linter Breckenridge, died at Ga_win, Iowa, May 3rd 1912 aged 90 years, 3 months, 21 days.
Last of his father's family.

[David Breckenridge Family Information]

This is the family information of David Breckenridge of Garwin, Iowa,
summarized in a letter from S.F. Breckenridge, studying at Wittenburg
College in Springfield, Ohio, on July 19, 1901. He paid them a visit
about that time.

[Descent Notes -- for May Baldwin?]

These are notes that begin "I am the daughter of Paul H. Baldwin, born Nov. 14, 1876..."
and continue, concluding with comments regarding Henry Stitzer acting in the capacity
of a soldier. I assume this was preparation for -- May Baldwin? -- to apply for one
of the DAR or related groups.

[City of Oil City Pennsylvania, Office of Comptroller]

This is a letter on letterhead of the city stating some information about Henry Stitzer.
It is signed by C.L. Ehrenfeld. It looks pretty official, but I think it is just the statement
of C.L. Ehrenfeld of what he or she knows, rather than an official statement of the city.

[Letter From Jennie Ellinger]

This is a letter from Jennie Ellinger in rather juvenile handwriting regarding the Ehrenfeld family.
She mentions some facts but not sources. It is dated January 11, 1918, Abbyville, Kansas.
On the other side are some other statements about the family in another handwriting.

[Family Tree Drawing on Back of Legal Letterhead]

This is a sketch made on the back of the letterhead of Paul Breckenridge, Attorney in Los Angeles.
Coincidentally, the Family Record of Samuel Breckenridge above has his address on it, like it was
later sent to him. Maybe all of this was in his possession.

What I find interesting about this document, is that it contains reference to the line of Breckinridges
that moved to VA and then to KY, including by name Preston Breckenridge, whose Breckinridge
is also on this site. Small world.

[Narrative by Mary Adaline Garver Breckenridge (I believe) --Sleuths, speak out]

[Poem by "Grandma Baldwin"]


--------------------End Transcript--------------------------------------------------