Bryarly Bible

Submitted December 1998:
Sue Marvelyn (Butterfield) Picard
220 Royal Oak Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
phone: 757-482-3023

I have the original two pages torn from a family bible and given to me in 1980 by my Uncle
Dewey Sampson Butterfield's wife, Florence after his death. Isabella Jane Bryarly is my
great-great grandmother who married my great-great grandfather, Nathaniel Butterfield on 3
June. 1842 in Danville, Vermilion,IL.

Surnames in this file:


Page 677
Family Record.
Samuel W. Bryarly & Margaret Logan
was married September 15th 1814 [Mason Co., KY]

[written in pencil, obviously at later time/no date]
D.H.C. Hood
Margaret Butterfield

Page 678
Family Record.
Samuel W. Bryarly
was born March 15th, 1786 [MD]

Margaret Bryarly
was born January 6th, 1788 [Mason Co., KY]

The age of Samuel W. Bryarly & Margaret Bryarly
Henry Bryarly was born June 18th, 1815
Elizabeth Bryarly was born May 8th, 1818
John Bryarly was born July 8th, 1820
Joseph Logan was
born February 28th 1808
Margaret Bryarly was born September 16th, 1822
Isabella Jane was born February 13th, 1824 [Mason Co.,KY]
Martha Mary was
born January 9th, 1826

Margret Bryarly departed this life [Potomac,Vermilion, IL]
July the 9th 1855 [entry written in different hand & pen than births on this page]

Page 679
Family Record.
John Logan was born
January [1744 Chester Co., PA]

John Logan Departed this life January
The 8th, 1818
Henry Bryarly Departed
This life September
The 6th, 1824 aged
Nine years two months
And 18 days
Elizabeth Bryarly
Departed this life
Aged 8 years 1826 [26 May 1826]
John Bryarly
Departed this life
November 1832
Aged 12 years
Five months [16 Nov 1832]

Page 680
Family Record.
Margaret Ann
Hudson departed
This life October the
21 1846
Samuel W. Bryarly
Departed this life
February the 16 [Vermilion Co.,IL]
Martha Mary
Lucky Departed this
Life December the 2
1847 [Vermilion Co., IL]