Canfield Bible

This is actually not a bible per se, it is the
Young People's Illustrated Bible History,
The Henry Bill Publishing Company,
C.S. Hutchins, Auburn, N.Y. and
G.L. Benjamin, Fond-du-lac, Wis.

This book is in horrible shape, spine missing
and falling to pieces. It does appear to be

There is a beautiful handwritten poem pasted
inside the front cover signed "from your Mother"
which I am also transcribing. It is wonderful.

Currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,
--Returned to descendants


---------TRANSCRIPT STARTS HERE-----------

[Page One, poem inside front cover]

Be patient - life is very brief,
It passes quickly by,
And if it prove a troubled scene,
Beneath a stormy sky,
It is but a shaded night,
That brings a morn of radience bright.

Be hopeful, cherrful faith will bring
A loving joy to thee.
And make thy life a hymn of praise
From doubt and murmers free.
Whilst like the sunbeams thou will bless
And bring to others happiness.

Be earnest an immortal soul
Should be a worker true
Employ thy talents for thy God
And ever keep in view
The judgement scene, the last great [??]
When heaven & earth shall pass us

Be prayerful ask and thou shalt have
Strength equal to the day
Prayer, clasps the hand that guides thee
Ask largely & thy God will be
A Kingly giver unto thee

From your Mother

[Page Two, Flyleaf]

Mr. James M. Canfield May 22 1882

Bert H. Canfield Pleasant Plains
Osbourne Co. Kansas

Bought May 1880 by Mrs. E.J. Canfield
Presented to B.H. Canfield

Knowledge is Power

[Page Three, presentation page]

A Sacred Token
Bert H. Canfield
From his
Father & Mother

[Page Four, blank page in front of book]


Bert H. Canfield Born Oct 3[?] 1866
Olive L. Canfield " " 18 1871
Angie L. Canfield " Jan 16th "74
Alice J. Canfield " April 14 "78


Olive Canfield died March 13th 1873
Bert H. Canfield died May 20th 1882

---------------END OF TRANSCRIPT--------