Carmichael Bible

A listing from several bibles owned by these families

This family originally lived in Talladega County near where the intersection of Clay and Coosa County are.
Duncan & Peter Munroe were born in Scotland. Nancy Tedder was born in North Carolina as were Nancy and Duncan's seven children listed in the bible. Duncan and Nancy's oldest daughter married a Carmichael thus the reason these families are listed together.

The Carmichaels, Munroe/Monroe, Tedder family stayed in Alabama, While two sons and a daughter of Duncan Munroe & Nancy Tedder moved to Louisiana.

Contributed By "ELAINE (Monroe) NAGEL"


Carmichael, Munroe, & Tedder Bible Records - Talladega/Clay Co.'s - AL
Family Bible

The following pages referring to the Munroe and Tedder family as well as the
Carmichael family, had been inserted in the Daniel and Margaret (Munroe)
Bible in the early part of the 1900's. In 1988 Annie Carmichael sent Xerox
copies of the old family Bibles to Dr. James Donald and Mary Alice (Beatty)
Carmichael, Birmingham, Alabama

The loose pages are no longer in the Bible.

In the early 1990's the Carmichael sisters, Mira, Annie, Odelle, and
Katheryn began giving various old bibles to others in the family. Mary
Alice and Donald Carmichael have the Daniel Monroe Carmichael Bible and the
Daniel Carmichael Bible.

Dr. Herbert Nall Carmichael was given others of the Bibles and perhaps he
has the original loose pages from the Munroe/Tedder bible.

Permission recieved from Mary Alice Carmichael to reprint on the web as: and
I quote Mary Alice: I usually send copies of any family Bible pages I get
to (1) Salt Lake City; (2) the state in which the inhabitants (primary)
lived (3) the county in which they resided. They are on file in these

These Family Bibles were owned by the Carmichael family of Talladega Ct.
later Clay Ct. Alabama.
They consisted of several bibles owned by the Carmichael Sisters. This
family lived just at the line of Talladega/Coosa in Clay/county.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old & New Testaments, translated out of the
Original Tongues.
New York: American Bible Society, Instituted in the Year MDCCXVI. 1847

Contains Munroe's, Tedder & Carmichael's



Mira Amelia Carmichael was
born 16th June 1842
Died 10th Jan 1844

Archimides Carmichael
was 22nd Dec 1843
died 26th Jan 1844

John D. O. Carmichael
was born Dec 18th 1845

Dan'l [inserted - el above the line] Carmichael
was born 18th May 1848

Josiah Carmichael
was born 27th Arr. 1850

Mary-ann Carmichael
was born 4th Apri. 1852

William C. Carmichael
was born 27th May 1854

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Susan A. carmichael
was born 7th May 1857

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Peter Munroe
died July 26th 1854
age unknown but over 90 years

Duncan Munroe
died Aprl 13th 1855
in his 70th year

Mrs. Nancy Munroe
died March 25 1864
aged 79 years
and six months

[On several pieces of seperate very fragile paper is written]

Duncan Munroe was Born May 1786
Nancy Tedder was Bron the 17th of September 1786

[On another fragile piece of paper]

Duncan Munroe and Nancy Tedder was
Married in the year of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ May the 14th 1812.

Margret Munroe was Born the 5th of July 1813

William Munroe was Born the 9th of January 1815

Colin Munroe was Born the 8th of January 1817

John Munroe was Born the 24 of May 1819

Mary Munroe was Born the 3rd of March 1821

Archibald Munroe was Born the 26th of April 1827

Susan Munroe was Born the 18th of November 1831

[Another page hand written page on plain paper]

Duncan Munroe and Nancy Tedder were Married
in the year of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, May 14th
Margaret Munroe was born July th 5th, 1813
William Munroe was born January the 7th, 1815
Colin Munroe was born january the 8th, 1817
John Munroe was born May the 24th, 1819
Mary Munroe was born March the 3rd, 1821
Archibald Munroe was born April the 26th, 1827
Susan Munroe was born Novemember the 18th, 1831

[Handwritten on the same page as above Dates of Births and Deaths.]

Mary Daughter of Peter McEachin and Consort of
John Carmichael was born March the 12th, 1786, Died March the 24th, 1836
Daniel Carmichael was born Nov. the 11th 1810.
John E.. Carmichael was born August the 26th, 1812
Malcom Carmichael was born June the 24th, 1814
Mary Carmichael was born November 4th 1817
Peter Carmichael was born March the 31st, 1820, Died October the 1st, 1820.
Sarah Carmichael was born September 15th 1824.
Mary Carmichael Died November the 4th 1886.
John E. Carmichael died April the 5th 1902.
Daniel Carmichael died October the 2nd, 1892.
Margaret Munroe Carmichael died November 11, 1893

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Daniel Carmichael and Margaret Munroe were married
in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ [this is not finished]

Mira Amelia Carmichael was born June 16th 1842.
died January 10th 1844.
Archemides Carmichael was born Decmember the 22nd, 1843, died January the 26th 1844
John D. O. Carmicahel was born December the 18th 1845.
Daniel Munroe Carmicahel was born May the 18th, 1848
Josiah Carmichael was born April 27th, 1850.
Mary Ann Carmichael was born April the 4th 1852.
William Colin Carmichael was born May the 27th, 1854
Susan Alabama Carmichael was born May the 7th, 1857.

Susan A. Carmichael and John McLeod were married January the 22nd 1890.
Alex [written later and side ways is....ander] McLeod was born December the 19th 1891
John Daniel McLeod was born January the 22nd 1895.
Neal McLeod was born July [no further information here]
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Lucy Wilson, consort of William C. Carmichael, was born September the 16th, 1872.
William C. Carmichael and Lucy Wilson were married December the 30th, 1890.
Omer carmcihael was born March the 7th 1893.
Maggie May Carmichael was born July the 19th 1895
Mira Ethel Carmichael was born July the 16th 1898
Annie Lois Carmichael was born March the 21st 1900 marked out and 1901 written in
Laura Viola Carmichael was born September the 27th 1903
Amanda Odelle Carmichael was born April the 20th 1906
Elizabeth Carmicahel was born March 29, 1910
Lucy Katherine Carmichael was born May 21, 1913