Casey Bible

Primary Name: Casey
I am: Kathryn Casey Calamita and E-Mail: . My parents had this Bible and it was passed to me. I think that the information in it was reproduced after the original Bible was sold at a Mayflower auction in Portland, Maine in 1952.
The Bible is a large book brown with a cross on the cover and metal clasps on the opening side and looks to be very old. The information that I give to you is all the written records that the Bible contains. The Casey family came from Ireland to New Hampshire and then to Maine. The White family came from Fredericton,New Brunswick, Canada, to Maine. The Brewsters are from Maine and most of them (as named) are still living except where marked deceased. The White and Casey names are deceased.
I will transcribe this as it appears in the Bible.



Page 1.

Julia Casey ( ) County Carey, Ireland
Michael Casey County Cork, Ireland
Katherine Casey
William J. Casey
Timothy J. Casey
Daniel M. Casey.
Timothy J. Casey & Margaret Doyle Casey.
Timothy J. Casey, Jr.
Everett Casey

Maurice Daniel Casey & Eleanor Elizabeth Sullivan Portland

William J. Casey & Mary Sullivan Casey.
Died 1928 Died September, 1923
Emily L. (Casey) Stevens to Frank Stevens Old Town, Me.
Alice Stevens Houlton, Me.
Mary Elizabeth Stevens Millinocket, Me.

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Mary E. Casey Lawrence C. Brewster
Maurice D. Casey Eleanor Sullivan
Emily L. Casey Frank Steavens

[There are eight Brewster marriages listed here but all persons are still alive so I have withheld their names].

Page 3.


Hawtry J. White Born June 15, 1853
Carrie E. White " December 25, 1852
Charles R. White Born July 22, 1877
Jennie D. White " December 29, 1878
Harry M. White " March 12, 1882
Eddie A. White " November 19, 1886
John Q. White " June 17, 1889
Daniel M. Casey " July 20, 1876
Mae M. E. D. Casey " May 22, 1900
Gertrude J. Casey " October 10, 1898
Maurice D. Casey " October 4, 1908
Emily L. Casey " March 23, 1911
Daniel L. Casey " June 11, 1896
Katherine I. Casey " October 21, 1902
Frederick F. Casey " May 25, 1913
Jennie D.W. Casey " July 1, 1914

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Jennie D. White Died, July 2nd, 1914
Harry M. White Died, May 19, 1912

John Q. White Died, Sept. 22nd 1889
Daniel M. [M.= Maurice] Casey, Died, Dec. 22nd 1915

Gertrude J. Casey. Died, Aug. 10th 1913

Daniel L. Casey. Died, July 17, 1896
Katherine I. Casey. Died, Sept. 11, 1903
Frederick F. Casey. Died, Sept. 3, 1913
Jennie D.W. Casey. Died, Aug. 10, 1914

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[This page has births from the 1920's through 1952 with one death. I am not going to include it as most are still living and all are Brewster or of the Brewster family line including the names Smith and Neuts].