Cauley Bible

The Primary Family Name in Bible: Cauley

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A description of the Bible itself:

Cover Title: Our Saviour and Catholic Teachings

Inside Title Page: Life of Our Saviour and Saint Peter, the Rock Upon Which He Built His Church - By Father Francis DeLigney, S.J., Translated by Mrs. J. Sadlier
Together with Lives of Saint Patrick and Saint Bridget to which is added the Teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, Embracing its Dogmas, Sacraments and Sacramentals, By Rev. S. B. Smith, D.D., Author of "Elements of Eccliastical Law."
Approved by his Eminence, [in script] John Card McCloskey, Archbishop of New York, [end of script, unsure of middle name] Published with the Approbation of Right Rev. P. T. O'Reilly, Bishop of Springfield, Mass.

Gay Brothers & Co., Publishers, 27 Barclay Street, New York, and Springfield, Mass., Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, Louisville, New Orleans, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh.



As part of the bible a "Marriage Certificate" [not an official record, part of the bound bible]

Marriage Certificate: This is to Certify, That William Cauley of Lost Creek and Bridget Purcell of Mahanoy City, were united together in Holy Matrimony at St. Canicus Church, on the 16th day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and 84 In presence of John Cauley and Maggie McDonnel, By Rev. Father McCune, Pastor. [Unsure of spelling of pastor's name]

Marriages Page: James W. Cauley to Rose Murphy of Lost Creek at Philadelphia, June 3, 1909.

Births Page: James Cauley was born on the 3rd of Nov. 1885
Julia Cauley born on the 24th, Feb. 1887
John Cauley born on 16th of July 1888
Mary Cauley born Sat. Nov. 2, 1889
Willie Cauley born Aug. 16, 1891, Died Oct. 7, 1892
Nellie Cauley born April 24, 1893
Joseph Cauley born Dec. 23, 1895
Catherine Cauley born Feb. 5, 1899
Thomas Cauley born Sept. 5, 1900
Edward Cauley born June 2, 1902
Vincent Cauley born Oct. 15, 1907.

Deaths Page:

William Cauley Jr. died Oct. 7, 1892
Mary Cauley died Jan. 10, 1893
Kathryn Cauley died Oct. 12, 1918 [name spelled differently than on birth page]
William Cauley Sr., died Aug. 9, 1920
Mrs. Bridget Cauley died Feb. 9, 1951
Ellen M. Cauley died July 12, 1959
James M. Cauley died Jan. 4, 1960
Julia A. Cauley died Sept. 5, 1973


Both Lost Creek and Mahanoy City are in Pennsylvania. Those are the only indications of location in the Bible.