Clark Bible


Clark Family Bible

Submitted January 7,1998 by:
Sandra Wade

I possess originals both of these bibles (
see also LARKIN.tba), via an uncle who must have bought them in a bookstore. They are not for my family line but hopefully they can help someone else. I am rather good at deciphering handwriting but did have a problem with a name or two as you will see noted. SANDRA WADE

CLARK transcribe from original Bible

Surnames found in this record:

[From a sheet inserted in the Bible:]

Henry Clark married to Dezier? Downer? on the 18th of January 1787. He
being 22 years 2 months and 22 days old - She being 19 years and 20 days

Reuben Clark born the 27th of November Monday at 9 "O'clock in the
morning 1787.

Eunice Cark born Thursday 2 "O'Clock in the morning of the fifth of
February 1789.

Myron Clark born on Sunday afternoon 12 September 1790.

Edna Clark born Friday at 9 o'clock in the morning 15[?]th April 1792.
Died 11 Dec 1819

Dezier [?] Clark born Wednsesday 3 O'Clock Morning the 26th of Feb 1794.

Martha Clark Born on FryDay 3 O'Clock afternoon the 2nd of October 1795

Henry Clark born on Friday 3'OClock morning the 7th of July 1797.

Seth Cark Born 19th of March 1799 in the morning - died March 7th 1803.

Family Record Pages in Bible


Henry Clark and Laura Harwood - August 25th 1818 [someone crossed out
the second 8 and wrote 7 - 1817]

Oliver Harwood Clark and Martha Wilbor [sp?] in Lancaster N. York August
13th, 1846


Henry Clark in Hoosack N. York - July 7, 1797

Luara Harwood his wife in Bennington, Vermont - August 25th, 1818

Delia Maria Clark in Hoosack N. York - October 30th 1818

Oliver Harwood Clark in Rupert, Vermont - June 24, 1820
[it looks like someone crossed out the Rupert, VT with a pencil]

Elon Clark in Rupert Vermont - April 3rd, 1821

Ruby Minerva Clark in [blank] April 3rd, 1821

Reuben Clark in [blank] June 24th, 1828
[it looks like someone wrote 15 over the 24 in pencil]

Rollin Clark in [blank] October 21, 1833

Oliver H Clark in [Hoosack N. York written in pencil] June 24th, 1820
[same as above]

Marhta Wilbor [sp?] his wife in Alexander N. York April [15 in pencil]

Hellen Lucilia Clark in Buffalo N. York - Spetember 26, 1847


Henry Clark in Buffalo N. Y. [date in pencil - Aug 9, 1848]

Delia Maria Clark in Lancaster N.Y. [date in pencil - Aug 30, 1845]

Ruby Minerva Clark in Lancaster N.Y. [date in pencil - Jun 14, 1847]