Clark Bible Pages

These pages were donated by Cheryl Needle of Pepperell, Massachusetts.

These pages were separated from the book, presumably
a Bible. For that reason I cannot date the volume. It appears
to be early 19th-century.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Daniel W. Clark And Henrietta Strong Were Married
Sept 1st 1834

Samuel L. Williams and Emma E. Clark were married
May 2, 1867

Arthur K. Chapman and Martha L. Clark were married
Sept, 1, 1874

[Page Two -- Births/Deaths]

Daniel W. Clark was born June 17th 1813

Henrietta S. Clark was born Sept. 1st 1815

Their Children

An Infant born June 27th 1836
Jared S. Clark born Sept 10th 1838
Mary E. Clark born July 16, 1843
Emma E. Clark born June 15th 1846
Martha L. Clark born July 13th 1851

Daniel W. Clark Died April 28, 1866

An infant Daughter Died June 28th 1836
Jared S. Clark Died Feb 11th 1844
Mary E. Clark " June 6th 1855

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