Cleveland Bible

The Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible, by Rev.
Nathaniel West, D.D. New York, A.J. Johnson,

This Bible is in very good condition.

The LDS site places the marriage of James Cleveland and
Elizabeth Parker in Somerset County, Maine (same date
as below).

There is some fascinating ephemera in this Bible. One is
a pamphlet detailing a speech made by Hon. L.C. Houk,
Republican from Tennessee, in front of the House of
Representatives in 1879. In it he denounces the lack of
Black people ("Negroes" ) in the House any longer, as
well as Republicans out of office in the South, because of
the violence and unfair voting practices. There are many
plants and flowers (with tissue, labeling the plant). There is
a bookmark with the Sunday School Lesson List for the
Baptist Chuch in Skowhegan, 1873. A list of infectious
diseases with symptoms, incubation, etc and an ad for
quinine on the reverse (Dipheria, Scarlet Fever, Typhus,
Small Pox & more).

The family record is somewhat confusing. The first page has
just names, the next just birthdates, the next just marriage dates
(& no spouses!) and the last page just death dates. I am going
to arrange them in a single-line format, to avoid the constant
cross checking.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

James Cleveland [B] Feb. 8th 1793 [M] Jan. 23rd 1817 [D] March 4th 1881
Betsey Parker [B] Dec. 7th 1796 [D] Apr. 10th 1879

Calvin Cleveland [B] Feb. 6th 1818
Samuel P. Cleveland [B] Apr. 28th 1820 [D] June 6th 1882
Rose A. Cleveland [B] Nov 19th 1821 [M] Dec. 15 1843 [M] June 27 1866 [D] Sept. 3rd 1883
James Cleveland Jr. [B] Jan. 16th 1824
Mary J. Cleveland [B] June 27th 1828
Fidelia G. [?] Cleveland [B] Feb. 17th 1830 [M] July 6th 1856
John E. Cleveland [B] Oct. 11th 1831 [D] Oct 25th, 1831
William P. Cleveland [B] Feb. 17th 1833
Sarah P. Cleveland [B] June 8th 1836
Abner C. Cleveland [B] Nov 17th 1839

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------