Cobb Bible

This is from the Elizabeth M. Cobb family Bible.
Information taken from the original Bible.
Submitter: Randy Dover
2708 St. Lawrence Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Current holder of the Bible is Dale H. Dover
(father of the submitter) of Chattanooga, TN.

Surnames listed: COBB, MURRAY

Copyright information: New York: American Bible Society 1858.

Inside front Cover:
Miss Lizzie Cobb

In the middle of the Bible between the Testaments:
Rachel E. Cobb was borned July the 22th 1869
Barbara Angeline Cobb was born September the 19th 1887
James Frank Murray was borned Sep the 6 1892
W. J. M. was borned dec the 14th 1892 | died march the 11th 1895
Elizabeth M. Cobb was bornd January 20, 1837
J. H. Murray was bornd dec the 14th 1895
James Murray died Oct the 10th 1895
James Murray and Rachel Cobb was married Oct the 25th 1891

Inside the Rear cover:
Elizabeth M. Cobb was bornd January (20), 1837
T.W.J. Cobb was bornd December the 18th 1839