Coburn Bible

Coburn Family Bible Records

Donated by Leonard Granger

The bible belonged to Lucy Jane (Thompson) Coburn, wife of Edgar Coburn.

The Thompson family were residents of Bremer County until 1926 when they moved to Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa.  Over the years from Wisconsin to Bremer County they kept all the obituaries, marriages, stories how life was, etc. in this bible.  It is full of death notices on a number of Bremer County families.

Leonard Granger made a request in Storm Lake, Iowa for Arthur Coburn, where they have moved after Arthur married his mother's aunt.  The bible had been obtained by a woman in Wisconsin at a yard sale in Earlville, Illinois.  The woman's neighbor found Leonard's post and contacted him to see if he would be interested in the bible.

The Coburn bible is a very heavy, large bible (12 pounds) printed in 1834 by American Bible Society, New York.



First Generation

Seth THOMPSON born Feb 28, 1819 in Brimfield, Portage County, Ohio and died March 7, 1894 in Waverly.
His wife Sarah Ann BARKER born March 8, 1821 in Jamestown, New York and died March 13, 1904 in Waverly.
They were married in Park County, Indiana on February 9, 1844.
They arrived in Waverly, Iowa in 1866.


Second Generation

They had 12 children
1.  Adelia Thompson (Mrs W. F. FRITZ.)
W. F. Fritz died in Waverly January 14, 1932.

2.  Lucy Jane Thompson married Edgar Watson Coburn on January 25, 1873 in Waverly, Iowa
Lucy died September 4, 1940.  Edgar died in 1921


Third Generation

The daughter of W. F. and Adelia (Thompson) Fritz, Christina Mabel Fritz was born in Waverly on December 12, 1876 and married C. R. Temple on April 4, 1900.  Mr. Temple was a partner in Mr. Fritz store.  Mrs. Temple died March 27, 1927.


First Generation

Seth Thompson obituary # 1
Seth Thompson obituary # 2

Sarah (Barker) Thompson obituary

Second Generation

Adelia (Thompson) FRITZ, in 1930, describes, for the newspaper, her memories of trip to Iowa and early Waverly.

Picture and announcement of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Fritz 55th Wedding Anniversary, October 24, 1930

W. F. Fritz obituary # 1
W. F. Fritz obituary # 2
W. F. Fritz obituary # 3

Edward W. Coburn Obituary # 1
Edward W. Coburn Obituary # 2
Died in 1921
Lucy (Thompson) Coburn Obituary
Died September 4, 1940

Third Generation

Christina (Fritz) Temple obituary # 1
Christina (Fritz) Temple obituary # 2

The family branches out so other lines are documented.
This covers a part of Waverly, Iowa history and maybe someone is looking for these families which the obituaries and stories tell.



There are many other items in the Bible.  It is unknown at this time as to who these people are.  It is presumed that they are family.

Mary Louise Barber Obituary
Born: January 19, 1862 in White Creek, Wisconsin
Died: April 25, 1940 in Waverly, Iowa
Burial in Harlington Cemetery in Waverly, Iowa
She was a teacher in Waverly schools

Coburn Family Photo 4 Generations
Taken in 1940
Not sure who is in the photo

J T Coburn
1873 Tax Document
Dated April 30, 1874
J T Coburn, Taxes in Bremer Co, Iowa for year 1873. Note early county poll tax was collected.

Ike Woodring, skillful angler and sportsman of 1880's and 1890's with several state championships, opened first gunsmiths's shop in this section of Iowa at Waverly. Wife was Mrs. Rozlia (Coburn) Woodring.

Rozlia Coburn Woodring Obituary
Date of Death: December 30, 1926 (year known)

Ike Woodring Obituary #1
Ike Woodring Obituary #2
Date of Death: December 10, 1937

Poems a relative poet, Mr. Bacon, sent to Mrs Lucy Coburn over the years,
telling how their family tree was changing over his 100 year lifespan.

95th Birthday Poem

97th Birthday Poem

100th Birthday Poem


Additional information from Leonard Granger in regards to how Mr. Bacon and Mrs. Thompson were related

Photo of Mr. Bacon

I may have found the family connection: Elijah Bacon in 1855 married Sylvia Adelaide Barker in White Creek, Wis. Seth Thompson married Sarah Barker 9 Feb 1844 in Indiana, then on to White Creek,Wis in 1845, and their young son drown in White Creek and as there was no cemetery in this village, the child is buried on farm property of Wm. Barker, Sr, the grandfather of the child.

This comes from a copy of an old letter in the bible on the famiily history of Seth Thompson, It goes on to say the first store built in White Creek, Wis was built by Elijah and Jerry Bacon, sons of N. B. Bacon.

The families kept going West and arrived in Waverly, Iowa in 1866. The earlier letter shows E F Bacon (Elijah in 1875 census Bremer Co)

Now how all this fits together, Thompson and Bacon married Barker sisters. Thompson's daughter married a Coburn and my mother's father's sister married another Coburn. So the Coburn Bible I think may have hold more secrets how these families traveled across the country and all stayed together as neighbors in Bremer County, Iowa.