Cody Bible

The New Illuminated Holy Bible, American
Bible Union, 1897. Enclosed is a newspaper
clipping of an obituary of Rev. Luther M.
Keneston in Battleboro, Vt.

Currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,

Returned to descendant Anne West, Los Angeles, CA


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[Page One, Presentation Page]

Presented to Mrs. James C. Cody from
her husband -- James C. Cody

[Page Two -- Marriage Certificate]

This Certifies That
Lucy A. Graves
of East Andover, N.H.
And James C. Cody
of Philadelphia, Pa.
were joined by me in the
Bonds of Holy Matrimony
At Westerly, R.I. on the 29th day of
April in the year of our Lord 1891
in the presence of
Rev. G.A. Ogg
At home after May 1st 1891
Tomkins Core, N.Y.

[Page Three -- Marriages]

Miriam A. Cody To Britton C. Mount
April 30th 1915

Pauline A. Mount To Chas. Elwood Preston
July 25th 1942

J. Paul Cody To Velma C. Crispin
June 3 1944

James C. Mount To Norma Helen Thalmann
June 14th 1944

[Page Four -- Births]

Paul DeWitt Cody 3/ /92
Miriam A. Cody 11/26/93
John Paul Cody 12/28/95

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Paul DeWitt Cody 5/ /92
James C. Cody 4/27/34

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