Compher Bible

This Bible is in fragments, bound together by two
generations of very old fabric. The title pages are
both missing, but attached is the New Testament title
page from the "old" Bible. It looks to match this Bible,
so perhaps it was removed and returned. Philadelphia,
Jesper Harding, 1842.

Additionally, there is a mountain of ephemera in this Bible.
Usually I scan it all, because such things really show the
personality of a family, but in this case I am going to
only scan those of direct genealogical interest and list
the rest.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire
of .


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[Page One -- Births]

Joseph Compher and Susannah Smith were united in matrimony
January 12th 1843

[these were attached by pin to Page One]

Mollie J. Compher March 4th 1852
Charlie M. Compher Nov. 12th 1874
Josie F. Compher June 3rd 1877
Ella May Compher Oct. 2nd 1878
Annie Grace Compher March 16th 1882
Ada Pearl Compher Nov 15th 1883

[Page Two -- Births]

Joseph Compher was born on the 2 of January 1821

Susannah Compher was born on the 10th of June 1818

John William son of Joseph and Susannah Compher
was born on the 11th of October 1843

Jacob Franklin son of the above Parents was born
on the 25th of May 1847

Elizabeth Almira Daughter of the above Parents was
born on the 25th of April 1850

Edwin Clifford son of Joseph and Susannah Compher
was born on the 19 of April 1852

Burr Oscar son of Joseph and Susannah Compher was
born the 11 of July 1855

Florrien Smith son of Joseph and Susannah Compher
was born the 28th of September 1857

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Elizabeth Almira daughter of Joseph and Susannah
Compher died the 14 June 1865

Susannah the wife of Joseph Compher died Nov. 7 1891

J. Franklin Compher died April 14 -- 1894

Joseph Compher died May 9 -- 1908

John W. Compher died Feb. 23 1910

Edwin C. Compher died March 7 -- 1929

[Page Four -- Very light writing on a mangled Bible
page. It is too light to make out. On another page,
pinned to a NT Title Page, is this explanation]

This is copied from a piece that was written on a
blank leaf out of the old family bible by Elizabeth
Almira Compher 1860.

October the 20 a meeting was held by the Methodist brethren
when it pleased the lord to take my sins away and filled
my heart with love and peace.

November the 12 I was confirmed and joined the New Jerusalem
Church at the early age of 10 years and six months lord
make me faithful until death after death receive me to
thy self.

[Obituary of John Albert Smith, pretty gruesome]

John Albert Smith, son of William Smith, was buried at the
Lutheran church here to-day, having lost his life very
suddenly. He was learning the carpenter's trade with Mr.
Wiles of Maryland, who with his has been building a new
Steeple on the Lutheran Church in Middletown. Yesterday
morning they had scarcely ascended the scaffold when, from
some cause not explained, it gave way, and all fell to the
ground. None were seriously hurt however except Mr. Smith,
who fell on the iron fence in front of the church,
receiving such injuries as to cause his death in very few
minutes. He was a most excellent young man, truly pious,
having connected himself with the Lutheran church here
some nine months ago, since which time his consistency
has won him the respect of all who knew him. His funeral
sermon was based on 1 Samuel 20:3, "There is but a step
between me and death." Rambler August 11, 1870


Lovettsville, June 4 1884

We the undersigned do hereby certify that we did work
and handle the lumber that Jas. Compher bought at Thomas
W. Smith and say the lumber was not worth the money he
paid for it having seen the bill for the lumber we do
positively say that there should be at last twenty
dollars taken off

Robert H. Cooper
Geo W. Baker


Mr. Joseph Compher
Lovettsville, Va.
Dear Sir;
The P. M. at Cincinnati informed me that the first money
sent by you to the Kidney Cure has been found and returned
to you.

As I have issued a duplicate to you please return the
original to me at once.

H.W. Eanich [??] P.M.
Lovettsville, Va.
6/15 1899

[List of Ephemera, in no particular order]

Empty envelope with printed address to Dr. Ball, New York City
Several Pages From a Book "God's House, and Home
Clipped Newspaper Poem -- Whom Shall I Go But Thee?
Clipped Newspaper Poem -- Go, Let the Angels In.
Several Pages From "Child's Scripture Question Book"
Tract -- Missionary Money
Several Pages From "Character of a Methodist"
Clipped Newspaper Poem -- "Our Baby" (about a baby who died)
Clipped Newspaper Poem -- "Father, I Thank Thee"
Grocery List or Receipt -- 1 dz eggs 32, 2 13/16 butter 70, 1.00
Clipped Newpaper Poem -- "The Last Request"
Handwritten Poem -- "What Can I Give to Jesus"
Printed Letter, signed by John & Joseph Compher & others, entreating
congregants to pay more to the church, in a scolding tone
Handwritten Sunday School Lesson "In What Respect is Jesus the
Greatest Teacher"
Several Pages from a book about fish
Empty envelope with printed address to The Church Kidney Cure Co.
Clipped Newspaper Etching of a man unrecognized by me
Clipped Newspaper Poem "Pity the Poor" and "O Will You Miss Me"
Tract -- Anne Askew
Various leaves and a flower wreath
Newspaper Clipping -- "The Mystery of a Christian"
Several Pages of a Book -- "Principles of Religion"
Map of the US, 48 states are there
An Augsburg Lesson Leaf (Sunday School Stuff)
Paper Scupture Items

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