Cooper Bible Pages

These Cooper Bible pages were separated from the Bible,
so specific age of this document is unknown.

This document originated in Pennsylvania and was acquired
at auction. I have no way of knowing where this family

This document is currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, .


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[Page One -- Marriages]

James R. Cooper and Elizabeth Pennock were married the 23rd
of 11th mo 1843

Caleb P. Cooper and Sarah Moore were married 10th of 3rd
mo 1870

Thomas B. Hoopes and Rebecca M. Cooper were married 26th
of 3rd mo 1874

J. Morris Cooper and Emily Baily were married 18th of 11th mo

Edwin H. Cooper and Phebe H. Thompson were married 23rd of
1st mo 1890

D. Thompson Mitchell + Hanna Cooper were married 22nd of 10th
mo 1890

Edwin H. Cooper and Alice Moore Wood were married 12th
of 4th mo 1922.

Jesse C. Marshall and Mabel J. Cooper were married 23rd of
6th mo 1930.

Ralph W. Gray and Marian M. Cooper were married 29th of 11th
mo 1933.

[Page Two -- Births]

James R. Cooper son of Aaron + Priscilla R. Cooper Born 12th of
7th mo 1821

Elizabeth R. Pennock Daughter of Caleb + Mary Pennock. Born
15th of 12 mo 1821

Caleb P. Cooper, Born the 30th of 6th mo 1845

Anna Mary Cooper Born 20th of 10th mo 1846

Rebecca M. Cooper Born 24th of 6th mo. 1848

Charles P. Cooper Born 26th of 6th mo 1850

Annie A. Cooper Born 19th of 6th mo 1854

J. Morris Cooper Born 7th of 4th mo 1857

Hanna Cooper Born 12th of 11th mo 1858

Edwin H. Cooper Born 30th of 3rd mo 1861

Alice Moore Wood Born 9, 15, 1874 dau. of
Charles and Priscilla P. (Bishop) Moore.

Mabel T. Cooper daughter of Edwin H. + Phebe H.
Cooper Born 23rd of 5th mo. 1892

Marian M. Cooper daughter of Edwin H. + Phebe
H. Cooper Born 21st of 9th mo 1899

[Page Three -- Births]

Samuel H. Thompson, son of Joshua and Phebe H.
Thompson Born 9th of 9th mo 1833

Martha Moore, Daughter of Ziba + Mary B. Moore
Born 9th of 9th mo 1837

Mary Thompson, Born 9th of 10th mo 1859

Ella P. Thompson, Born 12th of 11th mo 1860

Mary B. Thompson, Born 29th of 7th mo 1862

Phebe H. Thompson Born 31st of 10th mo 1864

J. Howard Thompson Born 8th of 6th mo 1867

Lawrence Thompson Born 23rd of 8th mo 1869

Anna S. Thompson Born 4th of 6th mo 1871

Amy C. Thompson Born 16th of 5th mo 1874

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Anna Mary Cooper died 20th of 7th mo 1847

Annie A. Cooper died 21st of 2nd mo 1857

Charles P. Cooper died 12th of 4th mo 1872

James R. Cooper died 22nd of 2nd mo 1897

Elizabeth R. Cooper died 3rd of 3rd mo 1897

Caleb P. Cooper died 21st of 10th mo 1914

J. Morris Cooper died

Rebecca Hoopes died

Hanna C Mitchell died 6th of 4th mo 1937

Mary Thompson died 20th of 10th mo 1859

Samuel H. Thompson died 27th of 10th mo 1914

Martha M. Thompson died 6th of 5th mo 1918

Phebe H. Cooper died 2nd of 7th mo. 1919

J Howard Thompson died

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