Crider Family Papers

This item was purchased on eBay. The seller said this paper
was with a group purchased in Pennsylvania.

This is a genealogy listing of the Crider family, written
on a piece of elegant stationery. It was not folded as
if it were mailed, but was kept within a book or bible I
suppose. I cannot guess its age, although it looks old
and faded. The handwriting is the same throughout and
with the same pen, so I would guess it was all written at
the same time after the last entry in 1859.

There is a lock of hair with a black ribbon sewn to this document.

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, ,



[page one]

Martin C. Crider was Born the 23 [? faded] day of
November 1805.

Margaret Hobble was Born the 9th day of November

Elizabeth Crider was Born the 15 day of June 1833.

Martin H. Crider was Born the 17th day of November

Christian R. Crider was Born the 22nd day of September

Solomon H. Crider was Born the 30th day of August 1840.

John T. Crider was Born the 25th day of December 1843.

[page two]

Rebecca E. Crider was Born the 31st day of August 1846.

Anna M. Crider was Born the 25th day of February 1855.

Jacob H. [W. crossed out] Crider was Born the 7th day
of February 1859.

----------END OF TRANSCRIPT-----------------------------------