Culbertson Bible Pages

These pages were separated from the Bible, so an exact date
for the Bible could not be determined. I have not seen engraved
family record sheets exactly like these. The first page has
"Sketched and Etched by W.S. Barnard" at the bottom.

This family resided in Erie County, Pennsylvania, with John
A. Culbertson having claim to being the first white male born in
that county.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Parents' Register]

Culbertson Family Bible Page 1

Father John Augustus Culbertson Born March 26th 1800.

Married Oct. 23rd 1827.

Mother Clarissa W. Harrison Born Dec. 7th 1803.

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Culbertson Family Bible Page 2

James J. Culbertson and Alcy A. Corner [or Comer]
April 30th 1857.

Charles L. Culbertson and Martha M. Proudfit
May 31st 1859.

George P. Culbertson and Mary H. Derby
Dec. 27th 1858.

[Page Three -- Births]

Culbertson Family Bible Page 3

John H. Culbertson Sept. 25th 1829.

Charles L. Culbertson March 7th 1832.

James J. Culbertson Oct. 27th 1834.

George P. Culbertson March 1st 1837.

Emily H. Culbertson March 24th 1840.

Edwin G. Culbertson May 11th 1843.

[Page Four -- Births]

Culbertson Family Bible Page 3

John H. Culbertson Nov. 16th 1840.

Clarissa W. Culbertson, Oct. 16th 1862.

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