Cummins Bible


David Cummins' Family Bible

Submitted November 5 1996 by:
Prof. W. Raymond Cummins
PhD Department of Botany
University of Toronto
J Tuzo Wilson Labs
Erindale College
Mississauga ON Canada L5L 1C6
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[David Cummins was described as the founder of Millgrove Ontario in West Flamborough Township Wentworth County Ontario. He was the son of Christina Engle/Angle and Daniel Cummins who had come from Sussex County New Jersey in 1795. David Cummins married Margaret Rymal/Reimal who was a daughter of Mary Marr and George Reimal/Rymal who had come from Northampton County Pennsylvania ca 1800.]

[Transcribed October 30 1992 by W. Raymond Cummins of Mississauga. The bible was in the possession of Rodger Lindsay Cummins who had received it from Cecil Harwood Cummings of Millgrove. Material in parentheses are editorial additions.]

Surnames in this record:

George R. Cummins Was Born June the 23, 1828.
Daniel Shipman Cummins Was Born Feby. the 15 18??.
(The latter date was over-printed to 1830.)
Charles stewart Cummins Was Born Septr. the 20 1831.
John Cummins Was Born April the 2, 1834.
Joseph Atherton Crooker Cummins Was Born Feby. the 2, 1835.
Jacob Cummins Was Born Dec. the 20, 1836.
David Marr Cummins Was Born Feby. the 9, 1838.
Mary Reimel Cummins Was Born Dec. the 28, 1839.
Christianna Cummins Was Born Nov. the 20, 1841.
Sarah Elizabeth Cummins Was Born April the 28 1845.
John Harva And James Brennan Cummins Was Born Nov. the 2, 1847.

Parents' Register
FATHER David Cummins Was born sept the 13 1806.
MOTHER Margaret His Wife Was born May the 5 1805.