Dewey Bible


Dewey Family Bible

Submitted: 9 May 1998
By: Aletha Summerhill Rogers
Address: 4415 Indian Trace Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30004-2585


I purchased this Bible, for preservation purposes, from a flea market vendor in 1995. I have no relationship with anyone listed. I'd like to share the family register with Dewey researchers. The Bible is in very good condition and complete.

Surnames found in this record:

The Holy Bible
Stereotyped, Printed and Published by H. & E. Phinney
Cooperstown (N.Y.)
Old Testament 1828 - New Testament 1829

Page 1

Elizabeth Dorchester Dewey & DeLancey M. Ellis
married at Batavia N. Y.
Aug. 3 - 1898

Hugo Dewey, Jr. and Cornelia E. Turner
Married May 23, 1827
by Rev. Silvester Burt

George W. Dewey & Josephine C. Dewey
Married September 21st 1852
at Batavia N. Y. by Rev. James A. B-----

Henry D. Gay & Laura E. Dewey
Married at Alford Mass.
January 17th 1854
by Rev. Timothy Woodbridge

Pardee Carpenter & Julia R. Dewey
Married December 17th 1861
at Alford Mass by Rev. G. W. T-----

William D. Ireland & Harriet A. Dewey
Married June 8th 1864
at Alford Mass. by Rev. William W. Turner

Silas S. Dewey & Ellen E. Seeley (Suley?)
Married June 7th 1864
at Great Barrington Mass by Rev. Dr. P-----(?)

George W. Dewey & Laura H. Dorchester
Married April 24th 1872
at Albany N. Y.
by Rev. Daniel Dorchester

George W. Dewey & Louiser M. Haywood
at Batavia N. Y. 1886

Page 2

Hugo Dewey Jr. born
February 17th 1796 (this date was written over another date)

Cornelia E. Turner born
June 14th 1804

Grand Children of
Hugo and Cornelia E. Dewey

Frederick Hugo Dewey
Born at Batavia N. Y. March 3 1855

William Edwin Dewey
Born at Byron N. Y. December 11 1857

George Newton Dewey
Born July 26 1861 at Byron N. Y. Sons of George W. &
Josephine C. Dewey

Elizabeth Dorchester Dewey
Born at Albany N. Y. August 12 1874 Daughter of George W. &
Laura H. Dewey

Arthur Dewey Carpenter
Born at Lebanon Springs N. Y.
February 27 1864

Henry Gay Carpenter
Born November 14 1868
at Lebanon Springs N. Y. Sons of Pardee & Julia R. Carpenter

Katie Dewey
born August 13th(?)
Born at Alford Mass
Died August

Mary E. Dewey
born Nov 21st 1865
Born at Alford Mass
15 1867(?) died

George Hugo Dewey
Sep 5 1868
Born at Alford Mass

Harry Seeley (Suley?) Dewey
born April 12 1871
Born at Gt. Barrington Mass

Charles Thompson Dewey
Born at Alford Mass Children of Silas S. &
Sep 22 1878 Ellen E. Dewey

(Note: Katie, Mary E., George Hugo & Harry Silas dates were written in at a
later time. The ink is not the same as the original entry.)

Page 3

George Wolcutt Dewey
born Sept 29th 1828

Laura Elizabeth Dewey
born May 23rd 1830

Silas Dewey born
October 25th 1833

Harriet Amelia Dewey born
August 2nd 1835

Julia Rebecca Dewey born
October 3rd 1837

Dewey D. Ellis to
Dorothy M. Kent
Sept 7 1929

Nancey Lucinda Ellis
May 2 1935

Laurence(?) P. Ellis &
Martha Hinman(?)
Aug 24, 1935

Josephine Clarisson Dewey
Born at Great Barrington Mass
August 23 1829

Henry Dwight Gay
Born at New Lebanon N.Y.
January 17th 1823

Ellen Elizabeth Seeley (Suley?)
Born at Great Barrington Mass
August 7th 1841

William D (name erased) Ireland
Born at Hosage(?) N.Y.
August 5th 1825

Pardee Carpenter
Born at Stephentown N.Y.
October 9th 1836

Laura Hyde Dorchester
Born at Norwich Conn.
October 29th 1840

Elizabeth Dorchester Dewey
Born at Albany N.Y.
Aug 12 1874

Dewey Dorchester Ellis
Born at Albany
March 1 1900

Laurence(?) Packard Ellis
Born at Albany
December 1 1908

Page 4

Hugo Dewey
Died February 27th 1879 Ae 83 yrs

Cornelia E. Dewey
Died Sept. 15th 1883 Ae 79 yrs

George W. Dewey
Nov 24th 1891

Josephine C. Dewey
Wife of
George W. Dewey
Died March 19th 1871 Ae 41 yrs

Katie Dewey
Died August 13th 1865

Mary E. Dewey Infant children of
Died died Sep. 5 1868 Silas S. & Ellen E. Dewey

George H. Dewey
Died August 29, 1875

Silas L. Dewey
Died January 15th 1879 Ae 45 yrs

Julia R. Carpenter
Died April 4th 1880 Ae 42 2/20.(?)

xLaura H. Dewey
Died April 25, 1881
x Wife of G. W. Dewey

Laura E. Gay
Died July 2nd 1882

George N. Dewey
Son of George W. Dewey
August 16, 1885
buried Batavia

William E. Dewey
Son of George W. Dewey
March 1 1900 (there is a question mark after March 1)
buried N.Y.

Fred H. Dewey
Son of George W. Dewey
Jan 20, 1922
buried Chicago