Nearly two years ago, I tentatively posted the first Bible images, scanned and transcribed from my private collection. I placed these images on Rootsweb, and over time the collection has grown to over 600 Bibles through the hard effort and dedication of many people. I have a personal goal of averaging one new Bible per day, and the site is very close to achieving that.

One major change was moving away from Rootsweb a little over six months ago. Rootsweb provides a noble and needed service to the genealogy community, but it is hosted by a commercial entity and its freepages are full of intrusive and often irrelevent advertising. More importantly to me, there are major restrictions on what can be done with CGI and Perl scripting, eliminating my ability to convert entries on Bible Records Online into a true searchable, sortable database.

I am dedicated to keeping Bible Records Online on its own service, free with no commercials, and actively adding Bibles with images. I have found that it is very expensive to maintain images on the Internet in bulk -- from both a hosting and bandwidth standpoint. I also need some money for tools to improve the site (like the search function, for example). I have not actively solicited money for this site at all until now, with the exception of charging for Bibles that went home to their families. I am hoping that you agree that this site is a worthwhile effort, and will spend a few dollars to keep it strong and improving.

I will also be adding a section where users can purchase Bible Records books, family Bibles, CDs and other related material. This section will be segregated from the rest of the site. I hope you consider making purchases from there, and it will ease some of the economic burden, but the commercial activity will not be pushed down anyone's throat.

Financial contributions can be made in one of two ways (not tax-deductable, sorry):

1. Paypal the money to


2. Mail check or money orders to: (Checks payable to Tracy St. Claire)

Tracy St. Claire
7506 W. Heller Lane
Galena, IL 61036