Drake Bible

Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Philadelphia, Mathew Carey, No. 122, Market Street,

This Bible was transcribed by and is currently in the
possession of Tracy St. Claire. tracy@stclaire.org


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Robert R. Drake and Nancy E. Tottingham married
February 29th 1844

[Page Two -- Births]

Robert Ransom Drake Born Oct. 4th 1816

Nancy Elizabeth Tottingham Born April 26th 1816

Ellen Amelia Drake Born June 2 1845

Robert Henry Drake born March 8, 1847

Charles Edward Drake born September 25th 1849

Emilie Hill Drake born May 1st 1852

Grace Drake Born March 1st 1854

James B. Drake born August 20 1856

Norman Tottngham Born September 16, 1858

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Charles Edward Drake Died October 26th 1850

Grace Drake Died March 15th 1854

James B. Drake died October 24 1857

Robt. Ransom Drake Died May 19 1885

Nancy Elizabeth Drake Died Sept 17 1878

Ellen Amelia (Drake) Schnuber died at West
Troy, N.Y. February 12th, 1886

[Page Four -- Deaths]


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