Drew Bible

This Bible record was published in the New England Historical
and Genealogical Society Quarterly
, Vol. 66, No. 1, pp 84-5. January,


Below this line, verbatim from source, with some minor formatting.
"Now in possession of..." refers to possession in 1912.

DREW BIBLE RECORDS. -- The following entries are taken from the family
Bible of Lewis Drew of Duxbury, Mass., now in the possession of his grand-
daughter, Mrs. Charles W. Tilton of Brookline, Mass., through whose kindness
they are printed.

Nancy Le Baron born April 26, 1787
Lucia Le Baron born May 13, 1788
Esther Lebaron born March 19, 1791
Nancy Lebaron born Nov. 19, 1789
Almira Lebaron born Jan. 8, 1793
Harriet Lebaron born Feb. 25, 1795
Lemuel L. Drew Born June 17, 1811
Limon L. Drew Born January 27, 1815
Lydia Ann Drew Born April 1, 1818, In the Morning, 1 o'clock
Almira Drew Born in Plymouth Dec. 22nd 1819
Lucia Drew Born in Duxbury, February 4, 1823

Lewis Drew
Almyra Drew Mared January 10th 1800
the children
In Boston Mr. Lyman L. Drew son of Lewis Drew to Miss H. Maria Coffin
Sept. 20, 1840
Lydia Ann Married William Guild of Bellows Falls, Vt. January 20th, 1844
in Cambridge, Mass.
Almira Married John H. Macomber, August 21, 1849 of Maine

Lemuel L. Drew Died August 12, 1811
Lewis Drew died June 3rd 1823, on his passage from Mobile to Boston, aged
39 years
Liman L. Drew died September 25, 1853 in New Orleans, of yellow fever.
Aged 40 years.
Nancy Lebaron born April 26th 1787 died 8th Sept. 1788 aged 1 year
Harriet Lebaron died August 6, 1796 aged 1 year
Bartlett Lebaron died 1806 Aged 67 years
Lidia Lebaron died Jan. 1, 1825. Aged 66