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Durden Family Bible

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The following is exactly as the record appears in the Alabama State Archives in Montgomery. I have a good bit of information on the people named if anyone wants to follow up. - Jeanette

Found with the covers lost but the following data intact, if not complete as to having all the dates filled in. The family record is in the Emily Durden Merritt Bible but comes from a Bible of about half the size of the Merritt Bible. Gilly Baker Durden was the mother of Emily Durden Merritt and the grandmother of the present owner, Mrs. Ila T. Hutchinson, 106 Greenleaf St. Quincy, Mass. These records were copied by Miss Lola Lee Daniell, 520 N. 6th Ave. Pensacola, Fla. Florida Genealogical Records Chairman DAR and member of the Pensacola Chapter. Gilly Baker Durden lived near Prattville, Ala.

Surnames found in this record:


Josiah Durden and Gilly Baker were married (torn) 1814
Martha E. Durden and John Merritt were married -------
Wm. H. Rogers and Rebecca Durden were married --------
Charles Baker Durden and Ellen A. Swift were married Jan. 30th 1850

Andrew Jackson Merritt w. b. Jan'y 11th 1836
William A. Merritt was born----
Napoleon B. Merritt was born----
Kathleen O. Merritt was born----
Gillie Merritt was born------
Cordelia Merritt was born---
Wm. B. Rogers was born October the 24th 1837
Charles Baker Rogers was born----
Willis Perry Rogers was born Apr. 14th 1841
Emma Josephine Rogers was born Dec 12th 1844
Gilly Durden was born March 23rd 1784
Rebecca Durden was born May 23rd 1815
Martha E. Durden was born Dec. 30th 1816
Dela Durden was born Oct. 9 1818 (crossed out 21st, 1820)
(written between Dela and Oliver) Charles B. Durden was born Oct. 21st,
Oliver Perry Durden was born Jan. 9th, 1822
Washington L. Durden was born Jan. 9th, 1825
Florence A. Durden was born Dec. 9th, 1850

O.H.P. Durden died Decr. 10th 1846
Wm. A. Merritt died
C.B. Durden d Apr 17th 1859 aged 38 yrs. 5 mos. 27 days
Josiah Durden died June 14, 1825
Gilly Durden d. August 7th 1860 aged 76 yrs, 4 mo. 15 days

On this day of March 8th, 1937 duly appeared before me, a notary public in and for the State of Florida, Lola Lee Daniel, personally well known to me, who, upon being duly sworn, declares that she has personally compared the above record in the Bibles as described above, and finds them to be true and correct copies.
/s/Lola Lee Daniel (Seal)