Dustin Bible


DUSTIN Family Bible

May 19, 1996

Submitted by
Anna Joan Buxton
925 Esquimalt Road
Apt. 406
Victoria, BC
V9A 3M7
Email: anna@islandnet.com

Three photocopied pages of the entries for Marriages, Births and Deaths,
with no cover or introductory pages. Original bible may have been in the
Dustin Family of Belleville or Kingston, Ontario. These pages were given
to me in 1976 to help draft up the family tree for Kevin Dustin, then of

Surnames in this record:
-->first page

[no dates]

George W. Dustin Plattsburgh [N.Y.]
Mary Elizabeth Collins

Mary Jane Dustin Brockville [Ont.]
Lecretia M. Dustin
George H. Dustin Morrisburgh [Ont.]
John B. Dustin Gananoque, Ont.
Wm. G. Dustin Kingston, Ont.
Joseph S. Dustin
James S. Dustin Geneva, N. Y.
Arlie J. Dustin
Arthur M. Dustin
Florence R. Dustin Brockville, Ont.

-->second page


George H. Dustin July 4th Bradford, Vt. 1823
Mary E. Collins January 24 1832
Mary Jane Dustin Aug. 5, 1852, Chasey, N.Y.
Lecretia M. Dustin Feb. 12, 1854, Beekmatown, N.Y.
George H. Dustin Feb. 11, 1856, Ogdensburgh, N.Y.
John B. Dustin Oct. 5, 1857, Heuvelton, N.Y.
Theron E. Dustin Sept. 9, 1859, Heuvelton, N.Y.
Wm. G. Dustin May 30, 1861, Heuvelton, N.Y.
Joseph S. Dustin Apr. 11, 1864, Augusta, Ont.
James S. Dustin Jan. 31, 1866, Augusta, Ont.
Arlie J. Dustin July 10, 1868, Augusta, Ont.
Arthur M. Dustin June 10, 1870, Augusta, Ont.
Florence R. Dustin Oct. 19, 1874, Augusta, Ont.

-->third page


George W. Dustin Father Sept 30, 1883, Glenmore, Ont.
Lecretia M. Dustin June 11, 1892, Lockport, Texas
Theron E. Dustin May 15, 1898, Geneva, N.Y.
Mary Jane Dustin July 10, 1914, Manec[i?]lona, Michigan
Mary E. Dustin Dec. 29, 1919, Algonquin, Ont.
John Byron March
Wm. G. Dec. 1940
Arthur March 1941
Joe Nov. 1946
James Nov. 1946
Geo. H. Dustin May 29, 1948