Egbert Bible

This Bible was purchased at auction. In the possession of and transcribed
by Tracy St. Claire.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, H. & E. Phinney,
Cooperstown, N.Y., 1848. In fair condition, back cover stitched back on
(and then detached again) and front cover detached. Moderate foxing


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[Page One -- Marriages]

William Egbert, was born Feb. 17th 1769.

Catherine Wortman, was born Jan. 3rd 1778.

William Egbert and Catherine Wortman were married Dec. 16th, 1796.

Gilbert S. Egbert was born Nov. 16th 1797.

John L. Egbert was born April 1st 1799.

Andrew W. Egbert was born Feb. 16th, 1801.

Abraham G. Egbert was born Feb. 1st, 1803.

Eliza A. Egbert was born April 1st, 1806.

Walter W. Egbert was born Oct. 19th 1809 [1808 crossed out]

Lydia M. Egbert was born May 2nd, 1811.

Robert R. Egbert was born Dec. 3th, 1813.

Morgan L. Egbert was born Aug. 8th 1816.

Lydia Mariah Egbert died October 26th, 1891.

[Page Two -- Births]

Morgan L. Egbert was born August 8th 1816.

Lucinda Fitzgerald, was born Sept. 10th 1823.

Charles R. Egbert, was born July 11th, 1845.

Antoinette O. Egbert, was born April 21st 1848.

Anna C. Egbert was born Oct. 5th 1849.

William H. Egbert was born Jan. 10th 1856.

Ada M. Egbert was born Aug. 31st 1864.

A daughter, May 17th 1868.

Mary W. Lattin was born Sept. 16th 1830.

Morgan L. Egbert and Mary W. Lattin were married May 1st 1878.

[Page Three -- Deaths]

A daughter not named, died June 22nd, 1868.

Lucinda F. Egbert, died March 17th 1877.

William H. Egbert died May 16th, 1907.

Morgan L. Egbert died Dec. 12th 1909.

Antoinett O. Morgan died Jan. 26 1911.

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